Friday, May 22, 2020

Fun on a Friday!

I've only got a little sewing done this week so I thought I'd share a few fun things happening around the web

First, my friend Diane is selling some of her amazing quilts! Check it out HERE.  They are priced to sell!

Jean Wells who started The Stitchin' Post in Sisters Oregon has been quilting for many years. Her latest are art quilts. Although that isn't my forte, she is super talented and I am happy to see they are offering classes online with Jean! Here's the first one- HERE.  Dreaming in Color.
With so many quilt shows cancelled and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show being one of them, maybe we'll see more lectures via zoom. Not the best but a good alternative. Check out their website HERE for more online classes with Jean. 

Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches is super talented and puts out some amazing and accurate patterns. She's starting a new one called 3030 Quilt. Get the details HERE

Last year we did the Humble Quilts Stringalong. I love both of the quilts I made! Although they are super fun to make, I get bored.... 
My friend Sharon is sharing some string quilts and techniques.
This is her graphic zig zag string quilt and then HERE for a tutorial!

And I've got a few tutorials at Pinterest. Check them out HERE

Work has been busier than ever which means I am falling behind on responding to emails and even my blog reading and commenting. Forgive me now, okay?

I had my yearly mammogram done this week. If your appointment was missed because of closures, please take this time to reschedule. You are important! After my appointment I made a package delivery to my son and we went out to lunch!! First time dining in for many weeks. It was nice. 

One more note, I've gained weight and am not excited to go to my regular yearly appointment!! Can anybody else relate? Please let me know I'm not alone in this!! 

Much love!


  1. Diane's quilt is an eye-popper!
    I think boredom is the reason I struggle with string piecing, but I do love the look it creates! Sharon's tutorial is a good one. I like her technique.
    My mammogram and physical are coming up later this summer, and I have gained way too much weight in the past year. Comfort food while dealing with my Mom's needs was the trigger for most of it (her cancer diagnosis came in a year ago this month and she has had 4 serious falls and a heart problem since then), but Covid hasn't helped. I really don't want to get on the doctor's scale. Last year at this time I had been doing so well. :(
    Love that last graphic. Ha ha!

  2. It was fun browsing through the links, some pretty quilts there. I have never tried strings, just never appealed to me. My mammogram was this morning, now just awaiting the results. Since my breast cancer diagnosis two years ago and being cancer free with treatment, I look forward to the mammograms each year. My cancer was caught with a routine mammogram, I had no lumps or other symptoms. It is great to find and treat it early!
    I want to lose a few pounds, but it has been hard with staying home. The refrigerator is just too handy. You are definitely not alone with that. The picture is cute, I think we can all relate!

  3. Oh, you are not alone. I call it my CoVid 12!

  4. I hear and feel the universal pain! I've gained back about half the weight I'd lost last year. Drat!

  5. I surely love Sharon's Zig Zag quilt. Stunner! I hear a lot of friends lamenting over the Corona consequences ... Putting on pounds and becoming alcoholic! I've done pretty good myself and maintained or actually lost a couple of pounds. Of course that may have been more due to my husband's illness/surgery rather than the Corona.

  6. That zigzag with black is calling my name.
    I am not getting on a scale and I spend most of my time in yoga pants now. One of these days I will have to put on real pants, but for now, ignorance is bliss!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Sharon's Zig Zag quilt!! Thanks for the link, Lori, and I just MIGHT resemble that refrigerator remark. Sigh...

  8. Another jam packed post with lots of goodies!

  9. Thanks for the shout out! Yes, those pesky extra pounds. At first I thought that by not eating out I would be I guess I can't blame restaurant food!

  10. Yes. I've gained 5 lbs in the 2 months I've been home... and that was with a nightly walk (weather permitting)... time to put away the sewing machine and get to some yard work! :-)


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