Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kickoff to Summer

I had a few hours at home yesterday and made the quilt transition to summer/patriotic. 
I know you all see these every year, so feel free to skip. But for any new readers here's my 
"I love America house"

This is my eclipse quilt but reminds me of fireworks too.
It was really bright when I was snapping photos so these aren't the best. 

The guest room....waiting for a guest!

Another spare bed.

 This was a round robin with friends. It is pretty special to me.
The little quilt made by a friend. 

We had plans to go a short ways from home for Memorial weekend. We NEVER travel on busy weekends, but we thought it may not be that busy since people are supposed to be staying close to home. Yea, right!  Traffic started on Wednesday and by Friday it was crazy. We changed our minds a few times and finally we talked to a customer and they let us camp on private property about 1 hour from home- in the desert. 
 Here is an old sheep shed. 

Hopefully this video will work. We were camped near the John Day River. Spring time causes it to be a bit muddy, but we weren't swimming anyway. It was nice to hear the river at night. We really had a relaxing time. 

And because we had both dogs they weren't at home protecting the property from hungry deer. Our poor newly planted apple tree was almost nibbled to death. 

I hope ya'll are doing well. I feel like life is looking up!

Much love


  1. Your house is beautifully decorated. I love all the little touches, so sweet.

  2. Loving that Lady Liberty piece--and your whole house looks ready for 4th of July for sure...I am still plugging away at my 1st 4th of July piece --my baskets...
    nice work on your decorating...
    ~ ~ ~ waving in the fog Julierose

  3. I always love to see your patriotic quilts!

  4. The video didn't play :-( Looked pretty though

  5. I always enjoy seeing how you decorate with your wonderful quilts.

  6. What a treat it would be to be your guest and get to enjoy your wonderful quest room and all the quilts in your house. A mini (really a maxi) quilt show.

  7. Great summer decorations and what a love camping spot.

  8. Your home is lovely.... as are the quilts in it! If I could, I’d be the guest in the guest room right now!!!😃

  9. They are all wonderful! So nice to see them used all over. What is the name of the one in the 3rd picture? The one with an eagle.

  10. Oh, your poor sweet tree! I guess all of God's creatures need to eat but I hope it is able to snap out of it and leaf out again. Your patriotic quilts are the best! Seeing the SLOL quilt on your couch made me wish mine was quilted too. Hopefully by next year.

  11. Which quilt of those shown is your favorite? I especially like the one on what looks like a day bed. The one with an eagle.

  12. Your house always looks special, and Memorial day thru the 4th especially great!
    Really nice flag quilt in the stairway ��

  13. I love all your red, white and blue! Your house is decorated beautifully!! I love listening to running water, your video was great. I’m so sorry about your little tree. Hugs,

  14. Lori preciosa decoración
    Gracias por compartir
    Tu excursión parece divertida
    Espero ver tu cosecha de manzanas

  15. Love seeing how you decorate with your beautiful quilts. Your home looks great. Sure hope your apple tree comes back stronger than ever!
    Enjoy the week :)

  16. Love every one of your patriotic quilts. Thank-you so much for sharing them!

  17. Carol, The quilt that is 3rd down is somewhat of an original. See more here

  18. O Lori! What a lovely home you have! I would just like to jump on a plane and sleep under that quilt in your guest room.
    Your getaway looks great too, sometimes staying close to home can be fun too. Sorry for your little tree.....

  19. great summer quilts and decorating! you have a great touch.
    I love the accidental selfie! :)

  20. I love to see your summer/patriotic quilts every year and will be hanging up my "Betsy Ross" quilt soon!


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