Friday, May 8, 2020

Little Quilts and Friendships

This isn't my swap quilt, which must be on the slow boat from Australia, but someone I consider a dear friend made this for me, and it certainly brightened my day. 

 Sweet text on the back- hand quilted.
 This is on my stairs landing where I can see it many times a day as I do up and down stairs.
Thank you!!  I'm feeling beyond blessed.

Here are my 2 grown children. This picture does a mamma's heart good! My son is going through some life changes and my daughter has been out of work for over 2 months with no income or government stimulus or unemployment. It makes no rhyme or reason, but certainly has been cause for my worry.  My son zipped through town to the city and said he was going to visit his sister as isolation can be worse than this virus. (I think he is a pretty smart kid!)  They sent me this photo. 

Cory went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and I was laughing that it would be his first time to have to wear a mask.  He goes to work, comes home, repeats. My kids sent this photo with the caption, 
"All the cool kids are wearing masks" 
PS, He's having cataract surgery later this month. 

Our state is making plans to open. From what I can read, it is something like this:

On a more serious note, our nearby reservation is having a covid outbreak. We have 15 cases stemmed from a salmon feast. Knowing historical native american history I pray they can get a handle on it quickly  by following the recommend guidelines. That may slow any openings in my county. 

Just heard this week of 2 more businesses closing for good. So sad. 

And this. LOL

Love you all!


  1. The log cabin quilt you posted is really sweet! It was good to see some pic's of your kids....My prayer is that all this upheaval works out for good for your dghtr. Have a beautiful wknd!

  2. Love the mini log cabin quilt! It is so colourful and happy. Great pictures of your kids together :0)

  3. Your "planning and phasing" picture totally cracked me up. That you for the much needed laugh! I may have to borrow that picture.

  4. Beautiful children ie adults and love the log Cabin quilt.

  5. The reservations are so vulnerable. It breaks my heart. Someone needs to step up on this. Love that your kids chose to be together! And of course the log cabin is so adorable!

  6. Your blog posts are a a nice respite during this sad time for so many. Our first great grandbaby was born Tuesday. Normally we would have held her by now but waiting until life feels more “safe”! Thankfully we have many photos & videos of her. We are blessed our family is doing okay financially (for once a fixed income is appreciated) & healthy. It’s heartbreaking to see people losing loved ones & without work. Your beautiful little quilt from your friend is to be cherished for sure.

  7. Love the photos of your children together. Family means so much!

  8. Love that sweet little friendship quilt! Best wishes for a successful surgery for your son. He is far too young to be experiencing cataracts. Our "reopening" plans look a lot like what you've described. It's amazing to me how governors view themselves as the only ones who know anything about what people need. Our governor wonders why so many deaths in the state's nursing homes when in early March he mandated nursing homes to accept covid 19 patients. And the list goes on.

  9. Lori tu colcha es preciosa ¡¡felicidades!!
    Bellos hijos, me alegra velos juntos.
    Que tiempos mas malos estamos viviendo en el mundo.
    dos de mis ahijados están en la misma situación que tu hija
    comenzamos la desescalada en España,se har, en 4 fases estamos en la cero, el día 11 comienza la primera,cinco regiones no pueden pasar aun
    pido a los ciudadanos que todos tenemos que ser responsables, para no tener que desandar lo conseguido en estas 8 semanas de confinamiento

  10. Great post and funny. Love your little quilt. Take care, stay safe and Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  11. Glad you've got some "cool" (mask wearing) kids (who send your photos of themselves, Lori! That little quilt must surely brighten your days. LOVE!

  12. What a sweet little quilt. Has to bring a smile! So many people are worrying about the older people during this time, but I really feel for the younger one too. In a lot of ways, this is incredibly stressful for them too. Had to laugh at your phase 6 thing. Could be talking about our state for sure!:)

  13. Oh, Lori, I laughed and I cried reading this. What a nightmare.

  14. Your log cabin quilt is just darling! Lucky you!

    Good looking kids! I hope things work out for them. This is such a hard time for so many people.

    Prayers for the Native Americans who are suffering so. I hope they can get things under control.

    Thanks for the giggles! I love that folks can keep a sense of humor through this time.

  15. That little quilt is such a treasure.
    Your son and daughter do look very cool in their masks. Whenever anyone, or a group of us in the family take what looks like a "cool" photo, we joke that it is our album cover. That is what I thought of when I saw your kids in their masks. Very cool. :)
    Laughed and giggled at the phased opening plan--while remaining closed.
    The Navajo Nation here is having a difficult time with a Covid outbreak, too.

  16. is it a secret who made the mini log cabin? Or does she want to remain anonymous?
    crazy times. sorry to hear you have 15 cases I hope it gets contained fast but that doesn't really seem to be the way this goes.

  17. It's a great feeling when siblings look out for one another. The little log cabin is beautiful!

  18. What beautiful children you have. Hope the surgery goes fine. Stay safe and healthy.

  19. Sounds like what my states leader says. It’s about politics not health.
    Love your quilts.

  20. Oh, i do love seeing quilt fabric that I have also included in a quilt in a quilter's blog! That is a precious little quilt!

  21. Yur son is young for having cataracts. I had both of my eyes done and the surgery is so much easier to go through than I had pictured in my mind.

    Did you get to see your daughter? Here, the barbershops and beauty salons are allowed to open today. I don't know exactly what their restrictions are. I need a haircut but I assume they will be really busy for a bit and probably not allowed to have as many clients in at one time.


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