Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday, Monday...♪♪ So good to me.....♫ ♫

Today is kind of the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. 

 The good is these amazing dresses were made by Kevin's Scrap club for my mission trip! I love how he has them displayed.  Thank you all! I made them a video Thank you  but love seeing this photo on my blog.
The bad is I was due to go to MO this month to visit 3 guilds, including Kevin's Scrap Club and we had to cancel. Oh it has been so sad to cross so many things off my calendar, especially this trip!
We are looking at is being postponed, not canceled.
My mission trip to Dominican Republic has not officially been cancelled yet, but this month they will make a decision. If we do cancel, I'll be saving all the dresses for the next trip. There will be another mission trip!! Blessings to all who have participated!!

Now, the ugly:
A storm was due on Saturday afternoon. It has been hot and this photo was taken near my hometown on Saturday. We don't get tornadoes in my neck of the woods, but I'd say it is obvious that is what this is. Two little towns near us took the brunt of the wind and damage- up to 80 mph gusts.

I took this out my front window. 

The building on the right is our business. The water in the road is the main highway through Central Oregon.  I was home sewing when I got a message "We are flooding". I threw on my rain boots and took off right away. Thankfully there isn't a huge amount of merchandise that is low and can be ruined by getting wet. 

Cory snapped this one really fast. 

We got most of the water out and left fans going to finish drying it out. It is way more of an inconvenience and hard work getting the water out. 

I did get a bit of sewing done on Sunday... but I'll wait to share that.

If you have't entered yet for the little quilt, please look on Friday's post and enter!

Much love


  1. Oh wow, is that scary! Glad you and the store are o.k. Love those little dresses. So sorry you won't be able to see Kevin and his group.

  2. That photo is really scary. I hope that is the last of the rain and flooding. Take care. Hugs

  3. That was a scary looking storm. I'm so glad you didn't have wind damage. We do have tornadoes here in eastern SD, and they freak me out. We lost a barn roof about 40 years ago when we lived on my in-laws farm. But I've hidden in the basement during tornado warnings many many times over the years.

  4. Sorry for the flooding. I hope your trip to Kevin's is sooner rather than later.

  5. Oh what a mess. Flooding is the worst moldy mess. I am so happy that is all you had. I live in Kansas, so I have seen what a tornado can do.

    With God's grace and a little luck, you trip will work out. The dresses are so sweet. Stay safe. Cathy

  6. Oh, NO!!! Hoping the clean-up is not terribly painful.

  7. Yikes! I’m glad your home was safe! I hope the cleanup at the store goes smoothly. The dresses are so cheerful and sweet - one day they will delight some very special little girls.

  8. Yikes that is a scary sky...and a scary sight inside your business. Hope the damage truly is minimal.

  9. What a delightful array of dresses. Kevin's group did good work!
    I love a good thunderstorm, but gale force winds, not so much. The cupola on our home lost its roof to such winds back in '93 (makes me sound like an old timer). That was not a good day. So scary to look across and see something like that coming at you. Sorry your business got flooded. Hope it didn't ruin drywall, or anything like that!

  10. That was a nasty storm. I'm so sorry your business got flooded. Let's hope that it will truly dry out and your dry climate will assure that there are no mold issues. Those little dresses are adorable.

  11. Darling dresses. That's a scary sight, a tornado bearing down. Glad the damage to your property was minimal.

  12. Yay for more charity dresses!

    That does resemble a tornado in the picture.
    I'm glad for you and your husband that the flooding was minimal.

  13. You are so smart not to have merchandise directly on the floor! I hope you dry out fast—that was a scary picture and video. So glad you’re okay!

  14. Those little dress are adorable! Somebody got creative and added some lace to the neckline and pockets. Hope you and your family stay safe...take care!

  15. Oh my... I'm glad you're OK but I'm so sorry for the store of your husband ! :(
    Kevin's group did a great job !! Thoses dresses are very nice !

  16. Oh, so sorry about your flooding. What a pain at an already stressful time. The little dresses are so cute.

  17. That is one threatening storm! Glad you are safe but sorry to hear about the flooding in your store. Sweet little dresses :)

  18. That must have been kind of scary, so much wind and water! Glad the damage was not bigger than that. Hope the Floor Dries out well
    The dresses are lovely, hope you will be able to travel soon....

  19. Hard to think of flooding in your town. Good that it didn't get any higher in your business. One time the parking lot flooded that we used for employees where I worked. The water got in my car up to the door handle. Not fun.

  20. Lori el tiempo esta loco, esa imágenes asustan,
    me alegra que no sufres muchos daños
    El pasado verano hubo inundaciones en el pueblo donde tenemos nuestra casa
    nosotros fuimos afortunados, entro aguan mucha en planta baja, suerte que era agua limpia
    pero muchos de nuestros vecinos perdieron todas sus pertenecías ¡¡zona catastrófica!!
    Cuídate saludos

  21. So many sweet dresses! I'm sure they will be just as appreciated in the future as they are now, but so disappointing not to be going as scheduled. Your high winds are scary. It's been a very odd spring, early summer here too.:)

  22. amazing dresses! wow
    crazy storm glad the flooding wasn't worse.

  23. So sorry you and your business got hit by that storm. We missed it since it went north east from where you are. However Hermiston had some broken branches and clean up the next day, when Hubby drove north to get something there. Stay safe!


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