Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Little Dresses

 Thank you Lonni C. for the cute pillowcase dresses! Lord willing 2021 will be a mission trip year!!

I hope your week is great!


  1. I surely hope 2021 will have a mission trip in it for you!

  2. Hi Lori....just checking in on you and hope all is ok with you with the fires.....please stay your video's.... hoping to do your sew along.... and have a few lil dresses for you... but have material picked for a few more....just need to get my muse back and find some time....
    hope things stay calm for you.... Thanks for all your sharing!
    Big Hugs from NJ
    Kathy Kelly

    1. Thank you Kathy. We are doing okay here. We left for vacation when the smoke was in the danger zone, so I was glad for that. We are safe.

  3. Those are really sweet. I do hope you get to go next year. I even bought a few yards of cute fabrics on a clearance sale to make a few more dresses. :)


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