Friday, October 9, 2020

Quilt Retreat Update

Last weekend we had a terrific time in Central Oregon sewing! I'm calling it a quilt retreat, although it was just 4 friends needing to stay sane,  get together, have fun and sew!

Here's a little of what we did. 

This is called the Anniversary Quilt designed by Jan Patek. I started it this year as a large Humble Quilt quiltalong, then this year spiraled out of control. As far as I know Dorothy R is the only one who has it completed. I still have a big busy appliqued border to add. 

Sue from NZ found this as a long lost UFO and offered to send it to me. It is also by Jan patek called Sunshine on my Shoulders. I only brought it to organize and Sue had all this already done!! I think she did the hard part. 

This was the important part of the Country Threads quilt I'd like to work on before the election. (I think I'm running out of time!) 

Christy put together 50 Shades of Brown. She was caught up at this point as I hadn't
shared the border yet. 

She is almost ready to start sewing rows together of her temperature quilt. 

Michelle was determined to get this top together!! It's called Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek. 

And this lovely fall wall hanging was completed as well. 

I did a facebook live video but do not know how to save it and share it here. I videoed Carries projects and cannot believe I didn't take a photo of amazing stitching!  Sorry Carrie!!

What I did photograph was this beautiful spread we had for dinner.  She brought veggies from her CSA box and she roasted those beautiful veggies and we had this amazing meal! 

You can join Humble Quilts facebook group HERE.

I hope you have a super fantastic weekend!!


  1. Fun weekend and a correction. SLEIGH BELLS is the pattern name

  2. Lori I’m so thankful for a few relaxing sew days with warm hearted friends!! Next time I definitely will take a walk in our beautiful setting!

  3. What a perfect retreat...friends, food, fun, stitching and lots of laughs. I really enjoyed the video tour you did on social media as well. That was a really fun peek into your beautiful area. Glad you had a chance to get away with friends, it's so important!

  4. I love your Anniversary blocks, Lori. I think the plaids really make it. Lots of other fun quilts things going on at your little retreat. How fun! Mmmmm.... roasted veggies!

  5. There is not one single quilt pictured that I don't love! Sleigh bells have been on my to do list forever~ Anniversary top is awesome
    temperature quilt is so vibrant! Similar to Sunshine on my Shoulders, I just purchased the patterns for Millennium Garden. Great share

  6. I so enjoyed reading your journal today ! Beautiful quilts ! :) x

  7. OH I love it! So glad you got to go, and wow! A lot accomplished by all!

  8. Looks like such a fun getaway with friends for some therapeutic stitching time!

  9. In times like this it seems even more needed to get away from it all and quilt with friends. It is important to stay safe and not get infecteren by Corona but we also need to stay mentally healthy and gather with quilting friends. Looks like you had a great time and made some pretty things.

  10. Looks like a recipe for a delicious weekend, Lori!!

  11. Lovely to see Sunshine on my Shoulders coming to life. A lovely way to spend a weekend, how ever many friends. Retreats are such fun!

  12. Your Anniversary quilt is so lovely--beautiful work on this
    hugs, Julierose


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