Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wednesday Tidbits

For those of you who inquired about the quilt I am working on, here it is. 

If you do not have this book, Jan reprinted the pattern and it is available on her website HERE.

As I look forward to completing the applique on the final border I also start considering my backing. 

This is my preliminary sketch of my backing. I do plan on having this machine quilted so am adding 8" to both sides to accommodate.  As you can see this is inaccurate but gives me a visual of what I'll need to do.
This is a bit more accurate. I try not to put a seam down the center of the backing. I want to keep this one primitive with homespuns on the back. 

Which brought me HERE.  I made some shop samples for Doni in the past and know she has a wide variety of primitive style fabric. What I didn't know was that I'd find them for $3 yard! 
Check it out HERE

So, I've got an order in for a couple of different homespuns. Looks like I'll have to piece this backing since I couldn't find any 108" wide backing that I thought was suitable for this quilt. 
Now I need to contact one of my quilters and see what kind of wait list I'll be on. 
I think I'm done with super large quilts for awhile! 
Buhl Bushong, Cherry Tree and this one and all huge! 

I'm getting ready for my applique workshop this weekend. It isn't too late to join! 9-12 on Saturday morning pacific time. Get details HERE

Was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful winter sunshiney days!
I'm so glad Michelle suggested meeting for a hike! 
It was so good for my mental and physical well being. 

Mt Jefferson in the distance. 

Frog Lake

Trails on Mt Hood. 

Much Love


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