Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Frolic!

A friend sent me a box of precious blocks! These are just a handful of terrific fabric with madder. All of the blocks are pretty crispy. Any thoughts about washing? Or just piece them together as is? I didn't iron them but they look pretty accurate despite my photo!

I'm continuing lectures that had to be rescheduled from last year. 

It isn't as good as real life, but it is so nice that it is possible to stay connected to quilters!

This is what we call false spring. Just a tease. The hill we were climbing was steep!

It is so nice I can get away during the week on my son's day off. 

Have a lovely weekend dear friends!!


  1. The vista photo is magnificent.... even if it is not real spring. The photo with son is great as well. Now the blocks.... there is one I am going to try and reproduce.... crisp tells me to just sew it together.... good luck.

  2. Loved the photos of your walking scenery, especially of you and your son. I just read someone else's blog post this morning about the blogger's walk with her tween daughter. So happy-making to be outside with our favorite people!!

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  4. I knew they'd get a proper home with you!

  5. False spring has arrived here in eastern SD too! It's been a lovely week of sunshine and warmer temps that melted the weekend snow. Those are wonderful blocks. I think I would wait to wash - gently - after sewing them together.

  6. A wonderful backdrop for your lectures! Always great to spend time with your kids at any age :0)

  7. It looked like you received much good advice for using your blocks on your Facebook post.
    That quilt makes a great background for your presentations.
    Love all the views when you get out for hikes.

  8. What sweet looking blocks! I say turn them on point. It's the perfect amount for a small quilt!

  9. You the "expert" on antique quilts is asking our advise ???? Stitch together and then gently wash if need be

  10. great blocks and I love the fan quilting on your backdrop

  11. Here, east of you a little bit, we have been having up to the 60's daytime, but like 33 at night. Then I checked the weather and SNOW!!????? is anticipated later this week? I am SO over winter! LOVE the Monkey wrench quilt! My hip replacement surgery got delayed, they tested me and I show positive for Corona virus! Not sick. Hubby tested to he's positive, neither of us are sick! So, we're in quarantine.

    1. WOW! Have you had the vaccine? I'm glad you aren't sick!


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