Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday Muse

Here are the last 8 birds on the Cousin's Walk Bird Sampler.  (out of print, not available any longer)

I'm machine appliqueing and doing one color at a time. I'm down to red and green. 

Hubby and I took a day trip to the Yakima area to check out a hike for a possible future backpacking trip. It snowed a good part of the 3 1/2 hours there, which should have been an indication of how our day was going. 

Beautiful views but hardly a tree in sight, Supposedly there is one somewhere called birdsong tree camp. We didn't find it. 
It was a muddy, snowy, rocky hike! LOL

The highlight of the day was to go out to eat inside a brew pub! Yakima Co was open! 

Welcome March!



  1. Your birds are wonderful and that hike looks cold and a bit desolate. Probably a much different hike in warmer months

  2. I'm really loving the bird blocks. It's going to make a beautiful quilt. Hugs

  3. So pretty! Glad you got out for a hike, followed by a nice !

  4. I love this bird quilt you are making. It will cheer up any room it is displayed in.

  5. What a fun quilt those birds will make. I think you are smart to do one color at a time on all eight blocks. I dislike changing thread too much.
    You had a gorgeous view on your hike!

  6. Nice blocks wonderful color/fabric mixture.

  7. Yakima.... it sounded so familiar but I could not place it. Once I looked it up I know we have been there on one of our travels years ago.
    Looks like a nice hike you took.
    Your Bird blocks are looking great, I am curious to what they look like all together....

  8. Loving your bird blocks. Any trees there would have to be next to someone's home or along a waterway.


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