Friday, April 2, 2021

Little Quilt Swap Final Call!

Happy Friday! We have 57 swappers with room for a few more. I'll be emailing partners in the next few days. Sorry I cannot email you all back to confirm I rec'd your information. If you do not get an email over the weekend, then feel free to email me and I'll get you into the swap. 

I received a comment from Andee Neff (yes, I know you are familiar!) but do not know what name you signed up for. I'm certain you are on the list, but feel free to email me again and ask. You are a "no reply" commenter so I have no way of contacting you.

Remember this is not a straight across swap. Who you mail to is not who you will receive from. 

It has been a busy week with end of the month and beginning of the month. I'm hoping to get my binding machine sewn on the anniversary quilt! Not looking forward to wrestling it to the machine! LOL

Let's have an amazing and fun weekend!



  1. That first sample quilt, above, is delightful in its authentic simplicity!

    I love hand sewing the final stage of the binding! But yes, the machine part on a big quilt is a challenge. It will be so beautiful.

  2. Lori, if you have room I would love to participate!

  3. I have started cutting mine out. Can't believe I decided on a design so quickly, but I am not going to second guess--just going to run with it!

  4. i would love to participate once again Lori ! thank you, DeEtta

  5. Whoot! I was wondering what was happening...I should be under Angela Neff and my email is AzAndeeTerp at


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