Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Quilt Friends are the Best!

I had a reproduction personal shopper! Kevin hit the motherload of older reproductions on an outing and when he got home he asked if I was interested in part of his motherload sale! I love a sale and reproductions! Many of these I've had in my stash over the years so it was fun to have more of them. 
Thank you Kevin! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 
And last year (you know, the lost year of 2020!) I was going to MO to present to 3 quilt groups.
In preperation Kevin's Scrap Club.......

Made many pillowcase dresses for me to take on my mission trip (also postponed) I kept this large batch in the bag because they were so neatly folded. 
It truly touches my heart in a way that you will never know.

And more!  Words can hardly express my gratitude. Thank you, each one will dress a precious little girl.
Like these blessed little ones.
I have a suitcase and will stow them away safely until I go again. Thank you so much! XOXO

Thanks Kevin for packing that box and sending it. You are a dear friend. 

Adios to the month of March. Wow!



  1. Oh that Kevin! How special to have some of those oldies but goodies! There are a few there that I don't recognize. How is that possible?? Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. How kind, and the goodness of people continues to shine through

  3. Lovely! What a sweet gift! I've been thinking of Kevin a lot. I hope he's doing well!

  4. It is always fun to have someone else's fabric choices to work with!

    Maybe you can organize some more local outreach? I am picturing impoverished children in OR, maybe reservation children>

  5. That Kevin is a sweetheart! I hardly recognize any of those prints.
    Speaking of Mother lodes--you hit the Mother lode of pillowcase dresses!!

  6. Fun fabrics and SEW sweet of Kevin to forward those pillowcase dresses to you, Lori!!


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