Monday, August 23, 2021

Summer Baskets

I got a little chance to work on my basket project. The setting is what will make it unusual. I'm copying an antique quilt. I hope it works out like I imagine!

These were in with my blues. Does anybody know if this is Japanese writing?
And does it actually say anything?

And which direction would it go?

Any thoughts?

Thanks! Let's make it a great week!



  1. Basket blocks are among my favorites! Can’t wait to see yours. 😊

  2. There are a couple of symbols in picture number two that remind me of some of the kanji I learned when I took conversational Japanese. Theses are way beyond anything I learned. If you were near Portland I would suggest going to the Japanese cultural center. Then again you might be able to send them a picture. There are also several Japanese stores in Portland. When the Olympics were on KGW ran a bunch of stories on all the different stores.

  3. Lori estoy deseando ver esas cesta

  4. Gorgeous baskets, Lori!!! That is such a pretty blue...unsure of what it says!

  5. I shared your pictures with a friend from Japan. Pre-Covid we met once a week to hand piece/quilt. This is what she told me. Hope it helps - "Interesting!
    I think It’s second one is the one. But I think it’s wrong side?? If I see it through milor , I can identify some of kanji and also looks like hiragana. ( we have 3 different characters in words) Chinese is only kanji.
    Maybe all kanji there… it’s hard to see and also hard to read. If it’s only kanji it must be Chinese then."

  6. Stay tuned for more info. My friend sent the site to her Japanese friend. Her mother is a calligraphy teacher. Her friend will meet her students on Friday. So she will ask them!!

    She said the same thing. Second one is the one, but it should be the other side.

  7. There’s a way to use your phone and Google translate on objects or images. My husband was messing around with it one day. Pretty cool.

  8. Sounds like you are getting some good answers! The actual fabric definitely looks like a piece of Japanese tenugui to me. And your other commenter is right - it does look to be the reverse side that you are picturing. Flip it over. If it's not Japanese, the writing could be Chinese and it's very stylized, like "cursive" so I'm not sure google translate would work. Good luck!

  9. It looks like Hindi language to me. But I am no expert...:)
    Cute baskets, are you going to do them by hand or machine?

  10. Your baskets are sew cute! Love the polka dots!

  11. Love the baskets, and looking forward to how you will be using them.


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