Friday, September 17, 2021

Land That I Love 2021 Quiltalong!

This weekend you can prep for the quiltalong! Overall size of the quilt is 25x17 so you won't need a lot of fabric. 

I'm using American flag colors and adding a few little patches of a black print. (I'm copying the antique) I encourage you to use the colors of your country flag!

It is called 

Land That I Love

so make the fabric and colors work for you.

I keep my Americana fabric in it's own tub so it made it easy to pick and choose some scraps.

Just choose some fabrics that you'd like to make your sewalong with. The original vintage quilt is very scrappy. If you want yours a little less "crazY' then choose only a few prints in red/white/tan/ blue. (or YOUR flag colors)

I love my patriotic fabs!
You'll need a little more for your setting squares and sides. This is the blue I used. You'll only need about 1/3yard x WOF. This can be a similar color, different print. 
Make it uniquely yours!

Last week while at the Alpine Lakes Wilderness we did a day hike to this beautiful glacial lake called Colchuck Lake. 

The trail was rough with lots of rocks

And roots!

                                                         Yep! This is the land I love!


  1. I would love to walk down that rooted path with you. The land That I love (inside the the Land that I love) is Arkansas. Very different from your hiking thails but just as beautiful.

  2. Your Quiltalong is always a fun time.
    That lake is stunning! But the trail there looks like an ankle-turner.

  3. Reminds me of the Jan Patek quilt " Flags of the American Revolution". Wonderful project.

  4. The lake is beautiful and the mountains are wonderful Thanks for taking us along on your hike. Those trails are rough and have a beauty of their own. Look forward to this SAL. I have a small tub of R, W. & B's so I won't have to search very far.

  5. I believe you, your country is so beautiful!

  6. Looks like a fun project I can squeeze in! The wilderness looks wonderful. Those trails are killers though- we've hiked some similar.

  7. Ooh! I love this project. I don't have a lot of patriotic fabrics but I have reds, whites and blues! That lake is stunning! You have the best scenery there. Do you have to drive far to get to those mountains Lori? We have the mountains in NH that are about two hours away. I'm not a hiker yet but I'd love to be! Jan in MA

  8. Ojala pueda unirme en este proyecto, utilizare los colores de la bandera de mi region Principado de Asturias azul y amarillo
    Preciosas fotografías de tu caminata

  9. I always like how your Mystery quilts turn out. Wishing I could quilt along, Lori!

  10. How often will you be posting each section for the QAL?

  11. Land that I Love, what a perfect name for the new sew along to go along with these magnificent pictures of our beautiful country. Thanks for sharing all these pictures, so special for those of us who have never been out west to see for ourselves. How special Lori, Thank you!

  12. Oh my goodness! That path with the roots looks so awesome but I bet it was rough going!


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