Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Little Humble Quilts All Through the House

It was 90 degrees on Sunday when I was preparing to put up some fall quilts. 
So, I stuck with the little ones for now!
Thee is nothign specifically autumn about these, but they remind me of fall colors, so they get to take a turn at decorating the house.

Off the Beaton Path was made originally for a swap, but I worked on it while my dad was sick and I titled it as a reminder of the fun camping trips we took- Off the Beaton Path, so ended up keeping this and making another.  I very rarely every remember staying in campgrounds.

Harmony was a quiltalong that you can find the pattern for using the search box on my blog. Love the madder prints.
Here's a little pocket with wool applique designed by Rebekah Smith. 

My very first quiltalong! Cheddar Cheese and Crackers. 
The little quilt on the right was a gift from  Lizzy I love everything about it!

This is the cute backing of the little one on the left. 

The center block was an antique and I made this little quilt with that block.

Midnight Stars was a quiltalong.

And so was Country Roads.

I'll get out the larger quilts later this month. It looks like summer temps will be around for several weeks.

I hope your week is going great!


  1. You didn't post any words about the little quilt that is 3rd from the bottom. It's the one with cheddar sashing and navy cornerstones.

  2. It is fun to see another batch of quilts come out for sharing. I especially like seeing a bunch of little ones. I love that there is a lot of cheddar happening in these!

  3. They are all beautiful but Midnight Stars is my favorite. Hugs

  4. This is like a fashion show. Such sweet quilts!

  5. What a sweet trip down Memory Lane with some of your quilts/quilt-alongs. So pretty. I have that wool pocket pattern too. I need to make it, I think!

  6. What a sweet collection of the minis! I often think I'm about ready to get rid of the fall colors in my livingroom and then fall comes around and I reconsider. Such a restful color palette overall!

  7. What a fun post---a ''little quilts'' show. I love all of these, perfect for that hint of early fall. I notice you really don't do pumpkins and Halloween, these are good ideas for other ways to add Fall to your home.



  8. Such lovely little quilts! I love all the cheddar.

  9. wozer! amazing collection of fall quilts on display.
    thanks for sharing so much inspiration

  10. Lori me encantan todos y cada uno de tus edredones. El primero es favorito

  11. Lovely fall color quilts, Lori. Well, these quilt alongs really get us to finish some beautiful quilts.

  12. What beautiful little memories to bring out and decorate your home with, I do the same and some are the very quilts that you show that I sewed along with you :0) Thanks for the sew alongs and swaps Lori they certainly enrich my life. Happy Sewing


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