Monday, November 29, 2021

Closing out November

How is it even possible after today we have one day left in November?! It seems like we saw a lot of people decorating earlier this year. I used Thanksgiving to get a few photos with a Christmas quilt background. 

My grand nephew and Elsa- cute as a bug! 

My sister, brother in law and their only grandson, Zack. 

My daughter, Rene,  and her boyfriend who I have not been able to see regularly. Now that salons are back open and holidays upon us she is working hard to replace all she lost when Oregon shut her down. 

Sheets are changed and a Christmas quilt takes center stage in the guest room. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for everything in my life, including you all!

Let's have a wonderful week as we welcome December. 



  1. Loved the family photos with the quilts. Your guest room is beautiful.

  2. Loving the family photos: your daughter is just stunning and I think you and your sister resemble each other a lot ;))
    That is one gorgeous Christmas quilt--how large are those blocks? Simply beautiful, Lori...
    Hugs from inside my puffy coat--brrr--dold here Julierose

  3. beautiful quilts and beautiful family! Great backdrop!

  4. Fun family photos with your quilts just like the vintage ones we enjoy. Nicer to have smiles.

  5. What a great idea to hang a holiday quilt for family photos. But that would mean I'd actually have to finish a holiday quilt. LOL
    Good looking quilt, good looking family members, and very tempting guest room. I think I need a nap.

  6. Lovely family photos in front of your quilt. Wonderful to all be together. Good news that your daughter's career is rebounding and she is doing so well.

    I love Pomegranate quilts and your guest room is so inviting. Is the quilt an antique or one of yours?

  7. The pomegranate quilt is gorgeous.


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