Friday, December 3, 2021

Where are you Winter?

All week our weather has been in the high 50's, low to mid 60's! So unusual! I know it isn't officially winter until December 21st, but snow would be wonderful any time now! 
I'm going to hang up this quilt and appeal to the snow "goddesses" lol

We have had so many things going on that this week my blog has been neglected. That will change soon! YAY!

One of the stresses is my daughter contracted Covid. Because she is a hairdresser she is super careful and cautious. She's been vaccinated and wears a mask in public. We have no idea where she picked it up. She lives with her boyfriend and he has tested positive as well. We were around her last weekend before she had any symptoms and so far everyone who has tested has been negative. (thank goodness)

My friend and fellow hiker Michelle, lives in Portland and made a grocery run for my daughter and me. We have a big crew here today working on inventory and it wasn't possible for me to get away. I'm so grateful for girlfriends we can rely on. I don't take my friendships for granted. Thank you so much Michelle! Rene loved the flowers too!! 

Much love to you all.



  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter contracting Covid--sometimes no matter how careful and vaccinated you are--you can still get hit!! Especially if you deal with the public on a regular basis. Hope she and her boyfriend have mild cases...and that you all stay safe and healthy.
    No snow here as yet either, Lori--looking forward to seeing some
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. Lori deseó que tu hija y su novio tengan un proceso leve, Covid es un mal virus, me alegra que tu amiga te cuida y mima. Recibimos nuestra 3 dosis de vacuna, Antonio fiebre un día, yo estoy como si me atropellara un camión, tenemos mucho frío y ya hemos tenido la primera nevada

  3. Happy to help and do let her know I can do more shopping at a store that has more inventory this weekend. Lol

  4. So sorry for Rene and her boyfriend. Hope they don't get too sick. What a nightmare!

  5. I am so sorry your daughter has covid. I hope the rest of you who gathered at Thanksgiving remain well and that your daughter is better soon. Sometimes I think sooner or later we will all experience covid, and pray that the vaccines will help us survive.

    love to you all.


  6. We had a really heavy early snow in October, that knocked out power and broke limbs all over the place. Then nothing.
    So sorry your daughter got the virus. Hope that with her vaccination, it stays on the mild side.
    Friends make a huge difference in our lives. I am glad to count you among mine!

  7. Our weather has been unseasonably warm as well and I'm lovin' it. I hate the cold and would be OK with it just not showing up although we did get down into the high 30's one night 2 or 3 weeks ago Brrr. My niece had covid a couple of months ago and was hospitalized for a few days. It was a rough go but she's OK now. Concerning are the after effects but so far, so good. Hope you guys are all OK.

  8. I am so sorry to hear your daughter has Covid. Hopefully the vaccine will work as it’s supposed to and she will have a mild case and no lingering effects. I know you must be glad her boyfriend is there so they can take care of each other. How fortunate to have close friends who care so much. I hope the rest of you continue to test negative. Thankfully you were all being cautious and everyone was vaccinated. We just have to do all we can and pray for the best. My doctor told us, it’s not a matter of IF we get it, but WHEN we get it. Hope to delay that as long as possible.

  9. I am sorry to hear of your daughter having covid. NO fun! Stay safe! Love your intro quilt. My Were Warm Clothes quilt is hanging up. I love it! It always gets lot of compliments.

  10. Best of luck for a speedy recovery for your daughter and her boyfriend. Hoping you and the others stay well!!

  11. Praying your daughter has a fast recovery with no after effects and the rest of your family and friends stay healthy. I love your blog but family comes first.

  12. I'm so sorry she got sick but hope it's mild. My hubby and I have terrible colds but he tested negative (both all vaxxed plus boosted) so we just have colds. Miserable in their own way, but at least we know what we have.
    We had about 6" last Saturday but it's all gone now and we're in the 40s.

  13. Speedy recovery to your daughter & her boyfriend.
    I look at your quilt and think of winter its beautiful, you & your husband stay healty & safe!

  14. I'm sorry to read about your daughter and hope that she recovers quickly. Our salon still requires masks too. It is a pain to have to wear it, but it is worth it for the stylists.
    That quilt is adorable!

  15. So sorry to hear about the Covid victims in you family. Hope it is a mild case. We have been lucky so far and we're both fully vaccinated and gotten the booster. Even got the flu shots. Friends are precious. Hold onto them.
    Angie in SoCal


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