Monday, November 15, 2021

Vintage Little Humble Quilt

I told my sweet friend, Laurie, that the only "payment" I wanted to advertise some of her lovely goods on the facebook group was to make sure I had a place to sleep the next time I made it to her house. 
I'm sure she will still honor that, but she also sent me this adorable little quilt I shared on facebook during the show she was vending at. 

It is the epitome of a humble quilt!

Ira Woods was an optometrist in the 40's and 50's and I would date this quilt about the same. 

It seems like there is a little bit of everything in this little quilt.

The large floral looks like decorator fabric. I also love that maroon piece in there too!

It has felt a little like spring these past couple of days. I made sure to get out on the trails and enjoy the fresh air. We know snow can come any time!
Thankfully it is only snowy on the mountains for now.
Here's Mt Jefferson. 

And the 3 sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity. 

Let's have an amazing week!



  1. I was really hoping to get to that quilt show but then I came down with a terrible cold and cough so I just stayed home. Love those little quilts

  2. So sweet! It looks like the sister, or granddaughter? of the one I finished up this spring. Perfection in ''learning to sew quilts" or dolly quilts seems a bit of a myth. Make do rules.
    The printed adverts add a lot to this sweetie.

  3. Oh what a sweet little quilt. I can just see some little girl covering her dolly with it. I'm glad it is now in a good resting place.

  4. Oh, my goodness, what a treasure of a humble quilt. And it has the perfect home.
    Love those mountain vistas!

  5. A perfectly humble quilt. What little hands might have made it and been so proud? It's just terrific!

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  7. There is an Ira E Woods Ave. in Grapevine, TX this day. Amazing how a little advertising goes on and on.


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