Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Monthly Sampler and Ho-Ho-Ho!

Here is my monthly sampler from Two Thimbles Quilt Shop. So pretty huh? The blue and green are an unusual combination too. This line is Blue Dahlia by Paula Barnes printed under Marcus fabrics. 

Look how pretty this was wrapped! Thank you Lee!

I'm the Angel Tree volunteer at my church and this is also what I've bene doing this "retirement" week!  I have my final 2 packages to pick up today, then I'll start making arrangements for delivery. 

Thank you all for all your kind comments on our "retirement". Cory has been retained as a consultant for a few months and we are trying to get the Machine Shop business organized as its own. I still have harvest quilts up! That is my goal this week to get them changed over. 



  1. Beautiful fabrics. Maybe we'll see them in your Uptown quilt next year? You are truly an angel for your community. Lots of happy children, thanks to you!

  2. Soft colors in this month's sampler, so pretty.

    You are an angel of kindness. What a beautiful holiday project.

  3. You are a love to do the Angel Tree collect...... my church did something different this year and I miss "my angel".


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