Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Fundraiser Book Sale


Any overseas missions trips for me have been postponed the past 2 years but it looks like this year is a go! Dominican Republic is on the radar for late November. Since Cory is working a temporary position I've asked him to go with me.

This fundraiser will go to MSI for my trip expenses and water wells in DR. 

If you'd like to see what we do I've made videos that give you a snippet of our week overseas.



How this will work: Send an email to me at telling me which book (s) you'd like. Send me your mailing address and I will figure out what postage will be. I'll send it the most economical way. I'll email you back the total. I will not invoice you. 

PLEASE READ: I do not invoice. I'll accept paypal. Log into your account, click SEND MONEY, add my email address, click next. Put in the amount. The next screen will give you an option: sending to a friend or paying for an item. Sending to a friend means I will not get charged a selling fee. Please use this option. 

I also accept Venmo- send to Lori DeJarnatt

I still take good ole fashioned checks too!  

Thank you!



This is a really big book with lots of traditional quilt patterns. 

This is a modern art magazine Fall 2020. I bought specifically to see and read about Bisa Butler. 

Yes, this is a quilt!

Because I feel like her art/quilting is important here is a link  to Chicago Institute where her quilts hung last year.  go HERE.  You will not regret getting this magazine either. 




This is a terrific book if you are fairly new to quilting. Lynette gives lots of step by step instructions with photos. 


Back cover of Happy Trails

Back cover of Tangled up in Thread

Back of Farmhouse Quilts

Thank you all for taking the time to look! 

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