Monday, August 8, 2022

Inspired by Nature

We can simply take a page from nature if you aren't sure what colors "go together"
I've been wanting to do a hard hike, but not mountain climbing! lol We had an opportunity to hike to Coldwater Peak in the Mt St Helens National Park last Thursday. The day before we saw the weather wasn't going to be great until the afternoon but we went anyway. 
The flowers made up for the lack of big views. 

Amazing foxglove. 
Fuchsia and green- great colors together!

Kaffe knows!

I've never seen Indian Paintbrush like this before. So thick and pretty!
Hmmmm Orange and green

Pretty Kantha in nature's colors.

Lupine were still blooming. 

Yes, please!

Purple, orange and green. 
Another Kaffe

Make a bold statement or stay calm and cool. The color wheel can help, or just look out your window!

Inspiration all around!

These little trees with pinecones going straight up were so charming!
Layers of green here, for sure. 

Because we were in the clouds on and off for the first few hours, we weren't sure which peak were we going to! lol Turns out it was this one! Coldwater Peak elevation 5722'

You can get an idea of how large these rocks are when you see Cory standing near the center. 

This is St Helens Lake. The white debris on the end are full size trees that are in the lake 40 years after the eruption. 

The peak in the center is Coldwater- the one we were on! You can see it was clearing as we went down in elevation. 

And Mt St Helens. 

What are you inspired by? 



  1. Such beautiful photos. Amazing foxgloves - my favorite flower.

  2. I am inspired by your boundless energy and enthusiasm. Interesting to see how you are moving towards modern fabrics lately. Nothing beats Kaffee fabrics for color joy!

  3. So glad you mentioned Cory in the picture. Never would have seen him if I wasn't looking for him. He's so tiny in the picture. What a great time!

  4. Lori gracias por compartir tanta belleza, las dedalera espectacular ¡¡¡muy bonito!!

  5. Wow - wish I was there! Thank you for visual pleasure.

  6. Wow - Thank you for visual pleasure. Wish I was there!

  7. Love the color inspiration and the majesty of the scenery!

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world. Happy to see the Indian Paintbrush! I saw it regularly as a child but have not seen any for years. So won’t see it thriving.


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