Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Glory Bee!


The Flying Geese Quilt Guild was very welcoming! It is so wonderful to be meeting in person!!

Show and Tell is always inspiring. 

Lots of half square triangles in this one! 

This quiltmaker took a basket class with Gwen Marston. 

She admitted she has a hard time with the liberated parts of Gwen's basket class.  But the quilts are so sweet!

I am really inspired by this strippy style setting!

Here are a few shots of my presentation.

Hands Across Time
Civil War Sampler

Cheri Payne's Sweet Land of Liberty

Flags of the American Revolution designed by Jan Patek. 

If you are part of a guild and can make program suggestions, I'm available in person or zoom! 

I'm trying to eek out as much summer I can! The blog may be hit or miss for the next month. 

Photo credit- Michelle. We went out for a peaceful one nighter. Hikes or backpacking trips don't always have to be hard to be wonderful. 
We walked around the lake to see what campsites were available. Mt Hood peaking out beyond Upper Twin Lake. 

Elsa loves coming, but she isn't the best tentmate! 

I was wondering how she was going to get back. She fell off right after this. The water was low so she didn't even have to swim. 

The morning reflection.

If she would sleep more at night, she wouldn't need such a long recovery nap! lol

We were waiting for Cory to arrive. I asked if he wanted to come to the mountain and pick huckleberries! YUM! 

I still have a few books left. Thank you to all who purchased! They all went out in the mail today!
To those who donated directly to MSI or me, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I hope your week is going fantastic!


  1. We were at Upper Twin Lake last month! I recognized the pic at once. We only hiked around; did not camp. It was a beautiful hike. We also hiked Mt Hood below the ski slope. We were visiting our daughter and DIL in Portland/Vancouver after our trip to Alaska. All so lovely.

  2. Love your Sweet Land of Liberty and American Flags of the Revolution quilts esp. They would be a joy to see in person!:)


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