Friday, August 19, 2022

Possible Autumn Quiltalong

Happy Friday friends!

I posted this quilt on Facebook to welcome new members and it was suggested to do this as a possible fall quiltalong. I usually do some kind of mystery but am open to doing this if there is enough interest. 
This is one I made eons ago and I would make another one. 

It was shared that this is the pattern. I could have sworn it was also in a book, but I cannot find that. I think these are readily available and maybe even in your stash! 
Let me know what you think.

My son's Danish host brother is here visiting and we took him out for big views!

Three Sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity. The plan is for the guys to summit South Sisters next week. (The 3rd peak from the left- nothing technical but still a challenge)

We had a great time! Mosquitos loved us too!

Have a terrific weekend.


  1. I'm in for a QAL. Found the pattern and ordered it. Thanks

    1. Where did you find the pattern? I am not having any luck finding it. I did find a copy on but they will not ship it out of the USA.

    2. You can get it digitally:

  2. I love that quilt and would be up for a QAL if I can find the pattern.

  3. I found the pattern on the quiltwoman . com site and ordered a digital copy.

  4. Found the booklet to down load on Quiltwoman - would love a QAL.

  5. Sorry - forgot to add my name (not anonymous but Quiltdivajulie)


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