Friday, September 9, 2022

Welcome Quiltalong- Let's Start!

We have talked about this long enough- let's get going!
I have no idea how long this will go, I'll be playing it by ear depending on what block we are doing and how most of you will be doing your applique. 

Let's do this one! Here is mine. I am going to use a machine buttonhole stitch on my appliques. The rest will be from my scrap/square/HST bins. 

This is in the book and I thought it could be a little confusing. I actually used my ruler to measure it. Cut it 2 1/2"! 

I did a live video on Facebook the other day about "magic" fabric, but since I know many of you are not in the facebook group I made another one for Youtube. Click to listen! It may work better to go directly to Youtube.

I hope your weekend is amazing and joyful!



  1. I'd like to do this, what is the book?

  2. I'm sorry such have watched the video 1st : ( I have the book so I'm in

    1. Hello Lori, I would love to join your quilt Along. Can you send me the link for the pattern download and any other information I might need. Thank you


  3. Where can I find the pattern for this quilt along?


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