Friday, February 3, 2023

Inspiration Friday

This quilt was hanging in the show in Salem and I have to say it was my favorite!

 The label said she copied it from a photo (with permission) that was taken in the 1940's in Portland. So nostalgic!

This was a darling sampler by Timeless Treasures.

Gladys. who was vending across from us had some of her lovely quilts in the show!

And Glady's Jane Stickle quilt!

I adored the embroidery on this quilt!

I met my son yesterday for an elevation hike up Misery Ridge! lol 

Make it a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful mostly traditional-ish quilts. Thanks for sharing. Are the children in the first photo trying to see a baseball game? Very imaginative design.

  2. Nice peek at the quilts in the festival.
    Misery Ridge sounds like a fun place to hike. LOL


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