Monday, March 27, 2023

Busy Thimble

My hubby and I thought it would be a great time to visit Maine in March. (we like off season traveling) 
Cyndi, at Busy Thimble, and I chatted before my trip and we set an appointment to meet at the shop!
We arrived a tad early and it was the only time it snowed while we were in Maine. (it added to the ambiance- haha) There had been a big storm a few days before we arrived which hindered any hiking or wandering around. 

I opted to "wander" through her amazing shop! I made several loops! lol Isn't it just as charming and cozy as ever?!

So many darling samples. 
This caught my eye! Isn't that cute and now it is vintage! lol 

I told her I'd run out and grab my bag. I'm not sure she was expecting luggage, but it worked! hahaha

In exchange for fabric shopping he got lobster! It was wonderful!
This was at Lobster Cove near York, Maine. 
We stayed in this historic hotel in York our first night in Maine.

Last call for the small quilt swap. Rules HERE

Let's have an amazing week!



  1. Cyndi's Busy Thimble looks like I shop that I could spend hours & hours. All the things I love!

  2. The Busy Thimble looks dangerous! I would love to go back to Maine. I have only been to the very southern part. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I will be helping Elaine with your set up. I am unable to sign in under my Google account thus the Anonymous, but will keep working on it. Marsha Bohling

  3. me too! I think I'll make a Court House Steps similar to that one!

  4. Who wouldn't love wander through the Busy Thimble. Lucky you!

  5. I’m so fortunate to have been to Busy Thimble several times - great shop! Safe and happy travels!

  6. thanks for sharing the pictures, love the one with multi borders.. not sure what to call it.

  7. Love Cyndi's shop!! Enjoyed the pictures. Wish I was there.

  8. I've only been there twice, but it is officially my favorite quilt shop in the country! (I have only been to one shop outside the country, and that was in Canada.) Cyndi is such a sweetheart!
    I also prefer off season traveling.


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