Monday, May 22, 2023

New Old Little Quilt

Here's a little 4 block quilt that I cannot even remember where I purchased it. I thought it would be a fun little one to finish into a small quilt. 
I showed you close ups of the sweet fabric in an earlier post. 

The one side has the goofy border. Goofy, charming in a humble kind of way!

I was able to use the flour sack I shared the other day. It was perfect! No batting. 

This was in my "antique or vintage" fabric drawer. Someone gave it to me and I'm sorry I do not recall who. I cut it to make the binding. I just love the vibrant blue!


Here are the blocks prior to completing. Look at that bottom border! hee-hee I had to do a bit of trimming. 

It doesn't smell too good so I plan on handwashing it. I hope it comes a little cleaner and fresher smelling. (I had to dabble some mint oil on it to work with it!) 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had stormy weather, a frightened Elsa, and a flooded building! All's well now.

Let's make it a fantastic week!


  1. What a delightful little quilt!! That border sure is interesting!

  2. That is so darling!

  3. What a quirky little quilt--love it! And the blue binding is great!

  4. Adorable! One to recreate. I always differentiate between modern perfect miniature quilts [beautiful in their own way] and folky antique small quilts/ doll quilts like this one. You know which style is MY fave.

  5. You did a good job on salvaging those blocks. No one will ever know that you trimmed the bottom. I like to salvage things like that. Someone went through the trouble to make it and it deserves a place in our collection. If you don't keep it, I am sure that it will find a loving home.

  6. What a sweet quilt, all the quirkiness and variety, a lot to see. I hope this coming weekend is calmer for you!

  7. What fun (not the smelly part). Does it appear to have been cut from a larger piece? Could you tell by the stitching on the seams if it looked like a child's piecing, or just an adult who was not very experienced? The blue binding gives it a nice frame.


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