Monday, June 12, 2023

Monday Inspiration

As you know I am inspired by nature. Have you ever thought two wildflower colors  look bad together? Me either! I believe our natural world collides in a beautiful way. 

Cant really go wrong with red and green. 

Cheddar and white? Can't go wrong there!

Made for me by Sharon Tucker years ago. 

Made for me by Brandy years ago. 

Here are a couple photos from this weekend.

See how small I look? The waterfall was amazing!

Lookin at my friend in the center you can see how large the forest is around us! Just incredible!
Made by me many years ago.

Let's have a wonderful week!

I leave for Peru in one week! EEECK! So excited!


  1. Have a great week, enjoy your trip to Peru! Save journey!

  2. I love two color you've inspired me A flower garden never seems to clash no matter how many colors are in the flowers. Lori, thank you for your hiking and landscape photos....places I've never seen (I'm in NW CT).

  3. Great photos. The forest is magnificent and huge. I love your wildflower inspiration. How I would love to be there and be able to draw such flowers in my nature journal.

  4. Wonderful inspiration! Safe travels to Peru!

  5. humblequilts@gmail.comJune 13, 2023 at 3:41 PM

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  6. I love your nature-inspired colors. Beautiful scenery and that waterfall is amazing!

  7. Lovely wildflowers photos. I saw orange and yellow and white and purple in the wildflowers along our drive to get to a rather remote corner of the Great Salt Lake yesterday. Loved the combo, but didn't ever stop to get a photo. What was I thinking??
    Gorgeous waterfall!! Can you tell me the name? It looks so familiar. I have been to a few waterfalls in Oregon and wonder if I have possibly visited this one. But then, you are standing on stairs, and I don't recall stairs at the one I am thinking this could be, so I must be wrong. I love hiking to waterfalls, and we have done it a few times. I even remember visiting Multnomah decades ago when you could see it without crowds, and hike up closer.

  8. I love all the floral quilts, especially the more wild looking flowers! You live in a beautiful part of the country. Can't imagine living where we couldn't see the mountains all around us.:)


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