Friday, June 9, 2023

Fun on a Friday!

Here is another cutie Patootie little quilt! This time made by Laura in WA. (I kept her instagram handle in the photo if you want to follow!)

She opted for 7" blocks. 

Then I turned this:

Into this!

We have had some beautiful summer nights. 
I'm sorry for all those dealing with wildfire smoke. I hope it clears up soon. On the west coast we get it a lot and understand how miserable and ugly it can be. Take comfort in the fact it always clears up!

Thank you all so much for the Etsy orders! I appreciate it so much! (link on my sidebar)

Enjoy your weekend quilt friends!



  1. wildfire smoke here in MD as well....down from canada...

  2. Love the rugged little doll! Beautiful quilts too.


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