Friday, September 15, 2023

Interrupting Midwest Quilt Road Trip

We were just kids when we married in September 1981! 
To celebrate this year we went backpacking in WA state. It was amazing!

Killen Creek waterfall. 

Mt Adams in the background. It wasn't an easy trail. 

Adams Glacier. 

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And a quilty message:


Personal Expression: The Legacy of Gwen Marston is now an exhibit through December 30.

Click HERE for more museum info.

Guest Curator, Barb Vedder honors the legacy of Gwen Marston (1936 – 2019) with a selection of quilts directly inspired by her innovative techniques. An icon in the quilt world, Marston was a beloved teacher and internationally renowned artist for more than three decades. Her method of “liberated quiltmaking” inspired countless students to explore their own creative intuition and encouraged an entire generation of quiltmakers to put aside templates and patterns to create original quilts with their own unique personal meaning.

Not sure if I'll be able to see it in person, but I hope to! Have a great weekend! Sewing is on my agenda!!



  1. Wow--you look like youngsters! :)
    The hike looks amazing. So beautiful! So happy to learn that Barb curated the show of Gwen Marston for the NEQM. Wish I could be there!

  2. Happy anniversary and many, many more! What a cute couple!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Wish I could get to the NEQM exhibit, hopefully several bloggers will share photos of their favorites.

  4. Happy anniversary and enjoy the road trip!!

  5. What a YOUNG couple!! The hike looks amazing. Great pictures. Happy Anniversary!!


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