Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Winterset, Iowa Quilt Museum Photo Heavy!

The Iowa Quilt Museum is in Winterset, Iowa. I think this was one of my favorite towns that we visited! The women at the museum were unbelievably friendly and in general everyone in town was pretty pleasant. (we also picked up a couple of cute pieces of clothing and Laurie bought an antique quilt!)

But for the special exhibit at the museum was HOUSES!

A celebration of house quilts! WOW! Each one unique and so wonderful!

We liked this one a lot made from antique quilt blocks.

It was so special to see Wendy's potholder style house quilt at the museum!

Other photos of this adorable town.

Birthplace of John Wayne. 

Covered Bridges of Madison County. (tell me you've seen the movie please)

Clark Tower
We climbed it but didn't
quite understand the story about it
The old

 The new

I was fascinated by these giant silos. I live in farm country but we don't have these. 

Thanks for indulging me on the midwest road trip!


  1. Those trapunto birds and flowers were amazing as were the quilts. Thanks for sharing!❤️

  2. Those trapunto birds and flowers were amazing- as were the quilts. Thanks for sharing❤️

  3. Wonderful trip around Winterset. I live in southern IL and we have those gigantic silos here too. Must be a Midwest thing! What an amazing group of quilts. Loved the quilting on the square qult with the four houses all facing outward. Thanks for sharing.

    PS I never saw The Bridges over Madison County but I did read the book!

  4. OH WOW what a great quilt show of houses! thanks so much for taking the time to share theses fabulous quilts with us! Were any of them labeled or signed in anyway? What treasures :0)

  5. We can’t go wrong with houses ! Wonderful quilts especially Wendy's quilt ! Thanks for sharing ! And last night, i saw a movie-western with John Wayne !! 😊 xoxo. Cécile

  6. Thank you for the additional photos of the town. Big fan of John Wayne and how America lives!!!

  7. Wonderful exhibit and yes I've seen the movie several times and have the DVD. On my list to watch again sometime over winter. There are a few silos similar on some of the larger farms in nearby counties but I don't think any are quite that extensive

  8. What a wonderful quilt show, thank you so much for the great photos of this favorite block. The string version was so cool, also polka dot, another that was all stripes. Really fun to see them all.

  9. PS I looked up the stone tower, seems its only function is as a memorial to an early settler[s]. I rem big silos like that in IL, industrial fodder storage, I think.

  10. Love all the house quilts...and the other quilts also! What a great display for you to see...and share! May have to take a road trip there sometime from Wisconsin!

    1. YES! Make sure they have on display quilts you want to see. Right now the exhibit is Kaffe quilts. I prefer antique quilts!

  11. That's a very interesting assortment of house quilts! My favorite is the red and green with yellow and cream pieced sashing. The orange/red background one with all the stripes in the houses is very odd but interesting. It looks like a fun visit. Thanks for taking the time to photo all of them.

  12. Yes I have seen the movie. Love All the house quilts. Greetings from Holland, Janny Schoneveld

  13. Thanks you for all the travels and quilts you share! <3 to see things through the eyes of a quilter :) I don't travel much and haven't been outside our PNW, but I so appreciate seeing the sights. Blessings to you and yours Lori! Look forward to your next trip <3 Karen

  14. Thank you for sharing your trip, great pictures. Did see "Bridges of Madison County" years ago and loved it. Have seen all of John Wayne's movies and know some of them by heart. Good people in the mid-west. Definitely want to work a house square into a quilt, love the quilts of the past.

  15. Was that John Wayne sculpture by Dave Manuel? Hubby used to drink coffee with him across the street from our house. I know he was commissioned to do bronze sculptures of John Wayne by his family. Then Dave moved to Oregon from Walla Walla area.

  16. This was such a fun post. I love house quilts, and I was grinning all the way through this post. What a delightful variety. And that is very cool that Wendy's quilt was there. Thanks for sharing the quilts and other sights from the area. I would love to go there someday.

  17. Love all those school house quilts. I’m not sure I saw the movie but I read Bridges of Madison County 🤗

  18. Love the house quilts! Especially the one with the stuffed birds - fabulous!!


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