Friday, September 29, 2023

Uptown Final Block and Other Fun on Friday!

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On to Fun on Friday post!

Assembling the top after finishing the last block!

I trimmed my blocks to finish at 12" so my overall quilt top will be about 69"x85"

That one was the final block! 

I need to run a stitch around the edge and am considering using a solid cheddar for the backing since I have yards and yards of it! Happy to have this together.

This is a Sue Spargo pattern, just using it here for the visual effect.

When I was in CA last month at the Folsum County Quilt Guild, right before my presentation I started to get a black spot in my eye. Thinking it was smeared mascara, I asked my host and she said it was fine, but maybe it was a floater. I have never heard of that, but the show went on. I got eye drops from Donna but it still did not go away. I think the last time I had an eye appt I was in high school so I made an appt after I arrived home. I was the navigator on our Midwest road trip and we laughed a few times because I wasn't a lot of help with reading road signs, etc.
Last Friday I saw the eye dr and he told me he wanted me to see a retina specialist soon. I went to see him on Tuesday and I had a retina hole. Yikes! I had a laser procedure done which should help it heal. He said I should be doing no lifting (you mean like a backpack or weights? Too late on that!) I will be more careful until I return for my followup visit. 
I know floaters are common as we age, but please make sure to see an eye dr for periodic exams. It could have ended up much worse and I am extremely grateful I listed to my intuition. 


We are leaving for Italy on Saturday! Vernazza is one of the towns on the Italian Riviera we will be staying and hiking. I have been to Italy with my daughter 5 years ago and am so excited to share this with Cory!

That is why I am putting Etsy on vacation mode. I'm not sure what kind of posts I'll have but I'll give updates in my Facebook group! Link HERE if you'd like to join. 

Soon after I arrive home I will doing this years quiltalong called Parsonsfield! Its an unusual one but I hope you all will like it!


  1. Yikes girlfriend! So glad you got your eye problem checked out
    That's some serious stuff to deal with.
    Love that quilt
    I've become a big fan of that green!

  2. [my previous comment disappeared, pls post only one if it shows up.] O how scary with your eye. Did the doctor say what caused it? You must listen to him please, no lifting or straining until the surgery site is healed. Having struggled with poor vision for the past three years, I know how important saving our sight is. ///Italy w Corey sounds so fun, enjoy! / You Uptown project is interesting. I look forward to seeing it quilted. //Good luck w etsy vacation mode. I closed my shop when I had the vision issue/ Covid time and three years later still cannot reopen it or even buy on etsy.

  3. Thank God you weren't the driver!! Then again, we may have ended up in Missouri!!
    Enjoy Italy,
    Arrivederci. Be kind to your EYE.

  4. Your quilt is a work of art. Congratulations on the finish.

  5. You were very fortunate with your eye problem and solution. I had cataract surgery and then laser over a year ago and lately I've been experiencing pain in one eye. My opthalmologist couldn't find anything wrong. I was told to just use eye drops more often! Needless to say, the drops are not solving the problem! I hope your eye problems are over. Eye problems are no joke. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from your trip.

  6. We will be watching your posts from Italy closely. John and I are seriously considering visiting Italy next year but don’t know what part of Italy. That’s a long flight from Oregon! And follow your ophthalmologist’s orders!! Eyes are precious!

  7. I'm so glad you were able to get your eye issue resolved so quickly. I'm having to wait until the end of November for the laser procedure needed to take care of the issue in my right eye. Seems I've developed a "secondary cataract" behind the replacement lens inserted during the original cataract surgery. It is really messing with my distant vision especially, and causing dizziness and disorientation when I'm in a large open area or big box store. Heal well my friend, no heavy lifting is a small price to pay for your precious sight.


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