Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Quilts on the Lawn (Repost)

This is a repost of a fun and quilty trip to WA- my road trip friend Laurie had a little show! 

About now I should be immersed heavily into Roman History! 

This wasn't a quilt on the lawn but it sure was a cute little quilt made with antique fabric that Laurie made and hung up for us to enjoy. 

 I went to Seattle with my friend, Michelle, on the left, picked up Juliann, on the right, and made our way to Marysville where Laurie (center, in blue) had a quilt show of Anthologie quilts. The weather has been beautiful and hot but all of a sudden the forecast for that one day called for rain! So, she did what any resourceful woman would do, she did not cancel but moved the quilts from the lawn to the garage.
Her property is the perfect setting for a quilt show. I'm going to encourage her to make this a yearly event!
How cute is this little building?

I'm sorry, I do not know the makers of all the anthology quilts. You can get more info on this quilt HERE. I do know Laurie made the adorable ribbons that adorn the quilts.
Laurie's quilt is the one to the left of the bright green one.
She had lovely vignette's to draw us in for a closer look.

I'm a repro girl through and through, but isn't this magnificent!?

This is her sewing studio!! It is just as cute on the inside!
I know Laurie doesn't mind, but I did snap a few photos in her house. It feel so relaxed and charming! I really love it.
Look at this amazing antique quilt!

And seriously, this is the back!Yes, it is pieced!!

I met some lovely ladies and JoAnn from Quilters Coop opened her shop for us which is located close by! Thanks for helping Susan!

These beautifully decorated cookies came about the time we were preparing to leave. So super cute!

Thanks Laurie for sharing the lovely quilts, antiques, and introducing us to your fun friends!!

I hope ya'll are off to a fantastic week!!


  1. So much eye candy! And your friend's house is just as neat! Is Anthologie the name of the pattern?

    1. Yes it is. It’s a book! I have it for sale in my Etsy shop. We reopen Wednesday

  2. Fun post! I'm glad you had such a great time. I love that little quilt in the 1st picture.

  3. That was a fun trip down memory lane. I was flying out that evening to Ohio to see our son. 2019.
    We had to get it all put away quickly. I would love to do it again. I am sure you are drinking "good" coffee and having the time of your life. Hoping your eye is also healing!!

  4. I like that little blue and white quilt so much that I have cut out the pieces to take to my quilt retreat tomorrow!


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