Monday, February 19, 2024

President's Day USA

Today is Monday and President's Day.

I love history and although history isn't always pleasant I hope we continue to learn from it!

I think I have a few of these George Washington "panels". they measure about 4"x8". Let me know if you are interested. I made the above wall hanging for the Humble Quilts panel challenge which I thought was a lot of fun. Send me an email if you may be interested in GW. I'm selling them for $5 no shipping charges unless you are international. 

Thank you to all who purchased books! I appreciate your support!! I have a handful left if you want to look HERE. 

This was Sunday morning, such a beautiful morning!

This morning is like blizzard conditions! No blue sky here!!

If you are flying this winter, be kind and be patient! My hubby works at the local airport and it's been a s**tshow to put it mildly. They hand shovel a path from the airplane to the airport, unload and load luggage, clean planes, help people with wheelchairs, spray deicer in blizzard/sleet conditions, etc, Plan on delays and cancellations and if all goes well be happy! It's winter and the people working and flying are HUMAN!
My public service announcement for the day. 

Have a great week!



  1. I don't know if my previous comment went thru? If the K Fassett Quilts in Sweden book is still av pls let me know w details..

    Wonderful patriotic quilt. I do agree we should learn from history, not rewrite it or cover it up to be acceptable.

  2. We have had lots of snow lately, too. I do love a snowy day--if I don't have to drive through the mountain canyon to go somewhere!!
    Do you still have any of those George panels left?

  3. when I click on the book link above, it takes me to a list of blogs on blogger. I love that GW wall hanging.


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