Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Missouri Road Trip Finale

I found this blog post I never finished! Here it is!

I made plans to meet up with Jessica, who works for Missouri Star and lives close by. 

She is fun and a talented quilter!

Oh yeah, she collects quilts too! She didn't mind that I paparazzied around her house. 

Works in Progress- Super organized!

We even got to shop her stash! hahaha

We had a little time before we needed to be at the airport and made a bee line to Quilter's Station in Lees Summit. 

So many reproductions and a very nice store!!

Thanks for traveling along. 



  1. From the looks of it, this was a very fun trip! So, er, SEW glad you shared it with us!

  2. ooh delightful post and gorgeous vintage quilts...and oh la la...lots of pretty fabric too

  3. I go to Quilters Station every time we visit our friends in Blue Spring. Love the store

  4. What a fabric stash, and so organized too! The Quilter's Station looks like a fun place to shop, a place that would take me hours to get through, though.

  5. Jessica's quilts new and antique are beautiful! And her workspace is amazing, what a delight. Can;'t get over her way of organizing WIPs. I can't keep my projects out bec of sun fade damage but I so admire her method.
    Again, so much on the road fun for you these days! Wow.

  6. What a fun time, I have to go back to Quilters Station, didn't get enough time there.
    Thanks for taking all the pictures!!


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