Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hands Across Time Sampler

Here's a few of my favorite blocks from the sampler on my bed shown here. Several of you asked for more details and since my house is still in disarray I thought it would be a good time to post about this quilt. I'm waiting for the carpet installers to come and finish today. Yay! I'll be thrilled to get my house back to "normal' and organized.
Appliqued eagles are a favorite of mine in antique quilts. Barb and I swapped eagle patterns/photos and have talked about making a sampler. What do you think about an eagle sampler?
This is what is written on the pattern about this block:

Eagle & Shield
The eagle, usually clutching either an olive branch (for peace) in one talon and /or weapons in the other, not only is America’s national bird, but her symbol of freedom as well. During the Civil War, eagles were a favorite design feature on Northern-made quilts. This version was adapted from a quilt of the period, and features an unusual twisted shield, symbolizing the broken state of the country.

Palmetto Tree
The palmetto, with its graceful, drooping branches, was so endemic to South Carolina that its image became a symbol for the state, including the State Seal. A palmetto flag was even raised over Fort Sumter on April 13, 1861, when the Charleston outpost fell to the Confederates. This version of the palmetto was inspired by a design found on a Civil War era uniform button from South Carolina, complete with warlike arrows.


Cotton Boll
Tiny ridged whipstitches, placed tightly one after another, were the trademark of early to mid-19th century appliqué. Contrary to our modern beliefs, appliqué stitches were meant to stand out, not disappear under the edge of the patch. This Cotton Boll design appeared in Southern quilts during the days “when cotton was king.” Its many lobes took time and effort to appliqué evenly, making it a choice for the more experienced quiltmaker.

The Arch
Baltimore Album-style appliqué quilts were all the rage in New England during the 1840s. Many of these elaborately appliquéd quilts featured buildings and statues, often in honor of a minister or military hero. This block, done in Baltimore style, shows the arch, or gatehouse, of Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The arch stood during the Battle of Gettysburg, and was used for cover by soldiers during battle; not far behind it, Lincoln gave his famous address in 1863.

The group of ladies that designed this (including myself) made 2 quilts. One for McCall's and one from Benartex fabric. When we were done showing the quilts we had a drawing to see who would be the owner of the quilts. I was not a winner, but I had made my own version, which is shown on my bed and in the close ups in this post. This magazine is dated 2002 and can still be found on ebay every now and then..
It is a beautiful quilt and I love the border. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

August Sally Post Blocks

Oops, excuse the blurred photo.  The blocks are buried away now and I didn't realize the photo was so lousy when I took it. I'm keeping up on my 3 blocks a month. If all works out I'll have all 36 done at the end of the year.

Even though most of my sewing room is packed up and jammed into another room, I couldn't bear to be without a few neccesities.

We are heading to a concert and art faire tomorrow. Looking forward to a relaxing time out of the house with no chores (or messes) staring us in the face!

Make it a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August projects

This is the only thing I have to show right now. I have been working on a project but I can't tell you what it is yet. I'm going to do this Jan Patek project in wool on cotton and it will be perfect for the autumn vacation we have planned.
Sewing room emptied! I'm thinking about painting as long as the room will be empty and the carpet will be pulled up. If you love your sewing room walls, please tell me what color they are and send me a photo. I'm always partial to eggshell, since it is so light and easy to work with. (yes, boring!)
I'm looking forward to cleaning what's left in there and giving it  a bit of an update.
Two rooms shoved into this one that has new carpet.
Many of you asked about my quilt rack. This is how it looks. The rods are closet rods. You would only need to put in 3 rods unless the quilts you want to display are very small. These are not small quilts so I cannot fit quilts on each rod.
Close up of the rack.

Thanks for being patient while I enjoy summer. The last two mornings I've woke to a brisk fall feel. Tomorrow morning I'll put on a pair of gloves for my sunrise run. Summer is coming to an end soon.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Crazy Summer

We got to sleep in our bed last night. Some friends and I designed this great sampler. I love putting a "new" quilt on the bed. The pattern was in McCalls magazine special America issue several years ago. I'm slowly getting the room back together.
Several of you asked about the quilt on the wall. The eagles pattern is by Jan Patek and I designed the rest based on antique quilts. 
Here's a great idea for storing and displaying lots of larger quilts.

This is the extent of my sewing. I was asked to repair a skydiving suit. I only sewed the leg closed 4 times! lol

Next to clear out is the guest room and my sewing room. New carpet will be lovely, but emptying it out will not be!
The closets are jammed full.
The rest of the room is still a wreck! I hope you are all enjoying summer! Check out Get to Goal to see what else I've been up to.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Help! I Can't Find my Sewing Room!

Here's my bedroom, getting prepped for new carpet. Guess where some of the furniture is residing?
In my sewing room! Now, I'm not only still having lots of summer fun, but it would be hard to sew if I wanted to.  Be patient and I'll be back soon!

PS- I've got a pattern for our next doll quilt sew along! I hope many of you will join me this fall.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Friends of Humble Quilts have AAQI little quilts for sale. I'd be thrilled if you'd take a look and possibly purchase one or more. Thank you!!

You can find Shirley's here: SOLD!

And Jean's here:!

 Here's a recent photo of my mom after her hair appointment and wearing her new birthday blouse. I took her for a drive to Bend yesterday to retrieve my car that was in the shop (one hour one way). She enjoyed it but what a hoot!! She thought the Enterprise rental car woman was my good friend and gave her a hug when we left.  She shook the guys hand at the body shop like "It's been great doing business with you." You have to have a sense of humor when dealing with Alzheimer's that's for sure.

 I saw this gorgeous sunflower in front of someone's house this morning and I couldn't resist taking a photo. It shouts SUMMER to me.  I hope you are enjoying your week.

PS. If you hover over any photos on my blog in the upper left will be a pin-it icon. It makes it super simple to pin it to your boards at Pinterest.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Under The Big Top

I only needed to put a simple border on this but I've been busy enjoying summer.
I am thrilled to get it on though. I had two choices and the floral was a little unpredictable so that's the one I decided to go with.
There is nothing predictable about this quilt. Just a lot of fun! (and half square triangles!)
Here's a close up of the border floral. I'm thinking about an all over machine quilting pattern. The pattern is the show in this quilt.

January 2010 several of us starting swapping hst in 2 sizes for this quilt. Good things cannot be rushed. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Prayers For Sale Book & Quilt Club

Quiltworks also has groups exhibit their quilts and this month was the Cover to Cover Quilters from Portland. Most of the time I have tried to read the book but have never liked them and never finished them. The book they read and made a quilt inspired by was "Prayers for Sale". After seeing the quits and reading the blurb beside them I want to read the book now. I think that is the sign of a great cover to cover quilt show!

Adored the grassy quilting.
My favorite.

If you were too close it was hard to tell what this was.

These last two quilts photos were taken at the Deschutes County Fair on Saturday. We went for the Kansas concert, but I had to stop by and see the quilts that were entered.  I was so disappointed.
For a county with a population of 160,000 there were TWO quilts worthy of a photo!
I guess people are just not entering much in the county fairs any more. Times are changing..

Friday, August 2, 2013

Amazing First Friday at Quiltworks

Sarah Kaufman was the featured quilter and her work was amazing! I do declare her the queen of the Folded Log Cabin Quilts.
Her work is modern but very traditional at the same time. What a wonderful creative woman. I've put in a few of the labels so you can see more about the quilts and her inspiration.

Logs & Labels

Purple Heart

Made from recycled clothing.


One of my favorites.  Fish on a stick.

I love the simple decorative quilting stitches.

Decorative ribbon in the centers. What a great idea!

If you are in or near Bend, Oregon this month stop by Quiltworks and see this exhibit. You will be glad you did!