Friday, December 29, 2017

Last Friday Post of 2017!

 I got the nicest email from Betsy K sharing her Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt. It's lovely! (It was published in Primitive Quilts magazine)
 She made one more celebrating her husband's ancestors. In the center blocks she wrote some of their names. So unique and fun! Thanks for sharing Betsy!!
I made 2 more blocks at lunch today! If I was smart I'd do all the cutting first, 
but I don't like working that way. For now I'll work on it a little at a time

Here's my Instagram feed for the past week. I'm ready to ring in the new year! What about you?

Have a safe and happy weekend- I'll be back Monday for the first installment of Sweet Land of Liberty designed by Cheri Payne.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Post Christmas Post

 I've got a lot of other sewing I'd like to be doing/finishing up, but I do like to make a sample block before cutting out a whole quilt. This is the pattern and plaids I won from Barbara Brackman. I opted to make the blocks 8" like Juliann. I see a couple of others on Instagram have jumped in as well. It's a fun easy quilt for the new year.
I'm hoping to make mine bright like this. If you want a digital download you can find it HERE

My brother who lives in Shanghai, text on Thursday, said he was in Seattle,  and asked if he could come for Christmas. It was great to see him! We watched a few classic movies and relaxed. Our kids weren't able to come home this year- I missed them!

 I almost forgot my traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Danish aebleskivers! My brother had never had them, so I whipped them up, having everything I needed!
 The first batch is always a little rough as the pan is getting evenly hot. 
 They were delicious, as usual.
My husband want to mix it up so we got a prime rib and put it on his dads rotisserie.(that we inherited and haven't used in 3 years!) Oh my! It turned out perfect!

I hope today finds you at peace and ready for a wonderful new year.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here!
I want to wish you all love, peace and joy, now and throughout 2018. 

 I feel like I kept my decorating to a minimum. Just enough to enjoy it, but not enough to make it a big chore.

 This adorable applique quilt was made for me for a small quilt swap. 

I had a brunch the other day and it was so much fun hosting!
This book was a gift to me by another generous blogger! Thank you Julie K! Isn't it the sweetest applique quilt?  Julie is a prolific scrap quilter. I swear she makes a quilt or two a week! Check out her blog HERE.

My Instagram feed for the past week.

Love to you all!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Generous Bloggers

I won two drawings in the past couple of weeks! I need to purchase a lottery ticket tonight!! LOL 

 This one was from Barbara Brackman. A box stuffed with plaids to make the Lincoln Museum Quilt.
Thanks Barbara for including extra info on the plaids. 

 My printer ink is almost out so you really must see the quilt and read about it HERE.  Thank you Barbara! It is right up my alley!!
My sweet blogging friend, Janet, was celebrating her birthday by having a giveaway! Look at these goodies! I have to admit, my favorite is her hand made soap. It beats the store bought stuff hands down!
Thank you Janet- I love all of the goodies!!! 

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and not stressing out, doing too much that really doesn't matter. Loving others, encouraging one another, and being generous to those who don't have as much is what matters, every day.
Thank you all who drop by my little blog on the web and offer kind words and encouragement.
Love to you all today.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Totality Monday!

My little quilt to commemorate the Total eclipse of the sun is complete!

 I put the last stitches in last night, and although I took a few photos I wanted to wait for it to get light outside to take a few more this morning.
 I finished the hand quilting on our flight back from Hawaii. I had not touched it the whole week and had a goal to finish it before arriving home. 
 Last nights photos.

 Even though the quilt is only 21" square, I pieced the backing- I'm all about using what I have. I love this fabric! If you want to see more about the assembly check it out HERE and to read about my eclipse experience click HERE and my eclipse block inspiration click HERE.
Lizzy asked me if I made any purchases at the Scandinavian Festival and I said no, but I did! I'm always on the lookout for vintage linens at prices I can afford. I found 2 napkins and one embroidered towel. Any thoughts on what those letters may be? C R? 

Have a lovely Monday! If I'm your facebook friend I've been sharing photos of my trip to Hawaii. I had an amazing time. I really love the warm weather. We got to meet my Nikki's (my sons girlfriend) parents. She fixed us a picnic lunch and it was a beautiful day inn upcountry Maui.

Love to you all today.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Beyond the Cherry Tree Revisited

This post is a reminder for me to get out this quilt and continue my hand quilting!
I knew it would be a long term hand quilting project when I finished the top. It is about 100x100 and I'm slow as molasses! 

I am copying the original antique quilt motifs. This was generously provided by Gay at Sentimental Stitches. She just had a sale on this pattern but I missed it! I would have loved to pass on that savings to you all!
To see the whole original quilt go HERE.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Quilts

I never really thought I'd make a quilt especially for Christmas, but I guess when you quilt for 25 years you end up with a few for various holidays throughout the year. 
I haven't actually decorated mush yet, but did get my harvest quilts down and most of the winter/Christmas quilts up. I think it helps insulate the house from the cold too! LOL

Here they are waiting for placement. 
Here are some smaller pieces, gifts, swaps and woolies waiting for the perfect place to shine this winter.
 My favorites are the ones that are predominately red and green.  This turkey tracks was a challenging one to make, but I did 3 blocks a month for several months so it didn't get so tedious and the set in seams didn't drive me to drink! (or quit!)
 This one is a beauty, in a Need'l Love book. My first and only time doing Hari Walner's machine trapunto. Quilted by my friend Kathy in Ohio.
 I usually have this hanging on my banister but this year I chose to hang it in my room so I can dream about it every night before I go to bed.
 This is Wear Warm Clothes by Country Threads. An oldie but goodie.
 I think the basket quilt is by Cheri Payne. I made this one eons ago in 2000!
 The twelve Days of Christmas in wool by Cheri Payne. 
 A crib quilt reproduced by one owned by the Aurora colony historic museum. (or ancestor)
Patriotic Santa by Joined at the Hip. 

I know many of you have seen these December after December..... sorry. I'll guess I'll need to make some new ones! LOL

Have a great week!