Friday, February 2, 2018

Sweet Land of Liberty Month 2

You can use this photo or do a search online or at pinterest to find a quilt to refer to when making your blocks. Now that your machines and needles are warmed up, let's move on to 
month 2!
This is what we are making plus a few more to add to the border.

We will make the embroidered eagle, or you can applique it- your choice! Cut  eagle background
8 1/4"x 10". (you may want to size up a tad, then trim) I'll add my button eye after quilting so as not to get hung up.
Piece the flag beneath the eagle to be unfinished 4x10".  Sew flag to bottom of eagle, then border with 2 1/2" strips and squares. Admire your work!
Now we are ready to make some flying geese. Use your favorite method so they finish at 2"x4". You'll be making 12 of them. See that bright red up above? I didn't think it "went' very well, but I'm trying to add a piece of fabric to each quilt I make from the French scraps I bought in Alsace from Beauville.  Once the entire quilt is together it won't be as glaring red!            
Cut angel background 12x14 1/2". Applique and/or embroider to complete the block. Add a top border of 7 flying geese. Mine on the left had to be whacked to fit. I see below Denise's fit perfectly! LOL Set aside your other flying geese. 

Make 4 primitive stars that finish 4"x6". (don't sew them together yet) Denise appliqued hers and it was probably much easier! Set these aside for later.  Sew together the eagle/flag block to the angel/flying geese block. 
Admire your blocks again! 
If you want you can applique some "falling" geese like Denise did. 
She opted to applique the eagle, which I love. She left off the feather stitch as well.
Make it how you want to!

That should keep ya'll busy for February. Its a short month, so get sewing! Oh yeah, enjoy the process!


  1.! My first thought is that I need more shirts...I love yours and Denise's fabric choices and the stars are so clever...can't wait to try!

  2. Thanks so much, Lori! Love these blocks. Did I miss when you told us how many months this sew along will last?

  3. Beautiful quilt!!! I love the colours. Congratulation!!!

  4. this is wonderful Lori...thanks so much for all your work...and inspiration!

  5. These are beautiful!! I can't wait to get started, thank you so much!

  6. Yep, this quilt is just too darn cute! I've committed myself to a few more UFO's before starting anything new. Snort! I've said this sooooo many times!! LOL

  7. Loving it. Really like the eagle, what am I saying, I like it all.

  8. great blocks. I wish I was in more of a patriotic mood. The plaids are so wonderful and prim in this.

  9. I love these blocks! Maybe I'll make it in a couple years - when everyone else is finished with theirs!

  10. I love the energy in these kinds of quilts. The little patches of flying geese and other little blocks are just pure fun!

  11. Such a pretty prim quilt Lori. It is truly beautiful.

  12. Eagle pattern can be found under " Liberty" in Cheri's FB page under files. Happy Sewing and thanks for these fun new blocks...gotta run sew them now :0)


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