Friday, May 31, 2019

String Quiltalong Month 5

Here we are on Month 5 of our 2019 Stringalong!

These 4" blocks are finally adding up to some overall size! I have 135 blocks made and I believe this is half of this quilt.
Here are 50 blocks of the basketweave setting with 6" finished blocks.

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I mentioned that I love the DMC thread and Merry had a whole bunch that she isn't using more! See all those terrific colors? That's why I like for machine applique. I use a thread to match. 
Thank you Merry!

Got home from lunch yesterday and found this little baby birdie in my back yard. There was no visible nest so the most I could do was to put him somewhere away from my dogs. 
You can see a bit of his blue feathers coming in and the parents were blue jays really raising a ruckus!!

I thought this was the best way for me to transport him. 

I put him inside this little veggie garden area where he stayed for quite some time. Porter was still interested, but he's a good boy when I tell him leave it!

When I got home from work the blue jay parents were coaxing the baby to the neighbors- not a safe place with their bird dog!

When Cory got home he spotted a nest and tried to put him back in. Unfortunately the little guy had a looonngg fall to the ground after about 5 minutes. It was suggested on facebook to get a planter and make a sort of nest, so that is what we did. It is a bit deeper then the real nest so he is still in there for now. The parent birds don't seem to know where their baby is, so we aren't sure what will happen. Our fingers are crossed. That is this weeks drama at my house!

Now, let's see those string quilts!

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  1. Those baby birds can give us humans some angst. I think it’s beca we see how worked up the bird parents get. Your cheddar background for the basket weave string quilt is spot on.

  2. Love the look of your string quilts. You are really moving along! Oh, that poor little bird. So glad you put it in a safe place.

  3. Oh I love your efforts to look out for that baby bird. Fingers crossed!
    Your quilts are amazing...those Spencer Museum blocks are so wonderful.
    I have lots of string blocks on the go and find it the most relaxing way to sew blocks of all.

  4. Here's hoping you give a happy report on that birdie in your next post. While the parents may not understand, you have certainly given their baby your all to keep it safe.

    Loving your strings! ❤

  5. Aren't the string projects ALL wonderful. I love them, including your lovely header String Star!

    Heroic effort to save the baby bluejay!

  6. Your sting quilts are growing really well. I hope the baby bluejay's parents find him so he can keep growing too. A great selection of threads you will put to good use :0)

  7. Good luck with the baby jay, Lori, and bless you for trying to keep him/her safe. We have our own baby mockingbird drama going on in our yard right now. Our cat is restricted to indoors until the baby flies away, and I mean truly gone.
    The rail fence setting of the string blocks is awesome!

  8. Both of your String quilts are growing nicely.

  9. A treasure trove of DMC. I use that along with Mettler and Aurafil for hand applique.

  10. Poor bird! what a dramatic bird story. I hope he does okay.
    Your string projects are looking awesome!!
    I had a lot of DMC and I was using it and it snapped - I tested all my spools and had to toss them all as the the thread was breaking so easily. waaaa.

  11. I am making a string quilt for QOV and it will be a large star. Do you use a paper foundation or just sew the strings together?

  12. I am sure loving your woven string blocks, especially set against that lovely brown sugar/pumpkin pie setting triangle fabric. So cozy and warm.


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