Monday, November 25, 2019

More of Houston Quilt Show

Here is an antique block I purchased from Mary Koval-I'd love to have more than one block, but that's about all I can afford! LOL  It is so sweet. I think the upper right was supposed to have a red bud but the maker ran out of room. The top and left will be difficult to do much with since the applique is right up to the edge of the quilt. For now I am enjoying it on my design wall. 

And if you are interested: 

Here are a few categories that YOU can enter quilts in. This is only a few that I thought would be interesting to my readers. 

Terrific categories!

Friday morning I met a friend for an early morning hike. 

Mt Hood

In the far distance we could see Mt Rainier, St Helens and Adams! 

Mirror Lake starting to ice over. I imagine this same time next week it will be covered in snow. 

I hope your weekend was super!


  1. I found an antique Princess Feather block in an antique store in Millersburg Ohio. You cn seea piture here:

  2. I love that block and those categories for entries are wonderful

  3. Thanks for sharing more of Houston. I just may enter one of these categories next year! Your hike must have been amazing. What fabulous views!

  4. Such a wonderful, bold applique block. What a beautiful photo of the lake and mountain with frost.

  5. Those are GREAT categories!
    I would der if Traditional Quilts are on their way up again in popularity? I hope so. My favorite! May have to look at a trip to this one

  6. Trace your lovely antique block and make a few more. It would be a great quilt.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I was a little shocked to see how early the entries are for the 2020 Houston Quilt Festival. Oh my! I entered some of my grandmother's quilts almost 40 years ago. My how times have changed! Since then, I have only missed 3 quilt shows due to health reasons. Thanks again for sharing everything including the scenery.

  8. You certainly live in a gorgeous part of the country!! Love seeing those three volcanoes at the same time!!!

  9. thanks for the heads up on the exhibit categories. I have a quilt for each category! YAY
    stunning scenery!!!

  10. Love that block... have it framed in such a way that you can turn the frame around to see the back... just a suggestion.

  11. That's a great block - and you could easily make your own quilt. It would look lovely framed, even if a tiny part of the leaf were clipped on the left.


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