Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Buhl Bushong Quilt

 The lighting in my sewing room isn't very good but here are my blocks so far. There are 16 total, YAY! Half way! The corners also have applique but will not do those until I start assembling the these blocks.

Anniversary Quilt 2020 update:
How do you all feel about continuing this quilt? There are many  quiltalongs going on, which I encourage you to do while we cannot be together in real life. Because ours was going to be spread out it isn't really a communal sewalong.  Someone already told me they'd like to set theirs aside and that got me thinking about the rest of you. I WILL be continuing to make mine this year and if you still want to keep going with me, that's great. I'm going to post part one on Friday. If you want to share yours that would be awesome! Send me a photo or post on your blog and send me the link.  

Typical spring weather in Central Oregon. A while before hitting the trails it was snowing, but then the sun came out.

Fresh snow on the buttes around us.

I hope the snow at higher elevations keeps the city people on "their" side of the mountains! I cannot believe how many people are ignoring the stay at home order.  They have gone so far as to "close" the trail heads and many forests because they are being over ran with people!
I know I am only responsible for myself, but jeez, I'd sure like our health care workers to not be over ran with sick people- at least not all at once. Please stay home unless you are an essential worker or you need to get groceries or medicine. 

Going out to the trails daily is really helping my mental state of mind. 
I hope you all are doing well.
Much love


  1. So many people feel that "rules" don't apply to them--they are "special" right? Amazing!!

    I really like your blocks so far...they are gorgeous--you are doing a lovely job with them
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose :)))

  2. Lori, your quilt is shaping up so nicely! I love to watch your progress. It is very hard for me to see the big parties/etc that are going on, when healthcare workers are dying to take care of people when they get sick!

  3. Lori, You live in such a beautiful area, no wonder people want to hike there. I love looking at your photos.

  4. Glad you are staying well Lori, people here in England are still travelling to beauty spots, which h ave been forced to close. We are lucky here that we can walk down to the river and there are just a few dog walkers who call hello and keep away (aprt from the dogs and who dosent like a doggie cuddle). Keep well xx

  5. I thought people were being encouraged to get out and walk? Good for their physical and mental health. As long as they stay six feet apart from other walkers.

  6. Those blocks give an illusion of movement that I love. You are lucky to have such great places to get out and stretch your legs. My daughter in Oregon has to drive somewhere to get out and away from people and move.

  7. Halfway done with your blocks is a great motivator! Good for you! I hate that so many of the trails, outdoor areas, fishing in our state etc. are being completely shut down too. It's really having an adverse affect on so many people to go without their outdoor therapy.

  8. It is better to stay in than to die or spread disease! I am only seeing a few neighbors walking their dogs, keeping far distances.

    For the sewalong, I am still planning to begin the borders foor summer handsewing, but i don't necessarily need to so it as a sewalong if you don't feel like continuing right now.I always love seeing your projects sewalong or not.


  9. Police have started to enforce social distancing outside in parts of Australia, because people were still going to the beach and not staying apart. And there were parties still going on, but think that message has gotten through here finally. Because the weather is beautiful people are drawn outside and we are allowed to exercise as well. Still that must be tricky in urban areas to find a nice place to walk and keep your distance. I am glad I live in a small town with lots of space.

  10. As always love your post! The pictures are beautiful. Wishing you and your family to stay healthy & safe!!!

  11. We are only allowed out to shop for groceries, go to the doctor, go to work ;( if you still have a job) or one walk a day.
    There are hefty fines if you go to the park or beach even if you are sitting on your own. Thankfully we have a garden .
    Our numbers for the virus are leveling out and so far 21 deaths.. The over 70’s have been told we could be home for 6 months here in Australia. It is terrible seeing the massive number of deaths around the world.
    I have kept working on my Anniversary quilt as I’m sewing it on the machine so I have quite a bit of it made. Will send a photo on Friday.

  12. Hiking & walking are the perfect "getaway" from the news. I did a bunch of yard work today which "earned" me a couple of hours worth of playing with my fabric! Stay healthy, Lori!

  13. How wonderful it must be to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery! Thank you so much for sharing such lovely pictures often. ---"Love"

  14. I think we should be doing absolutely everything we can to keep our medical professionals safe and healthy. They are putting it all on the line, for us, and it's so frustrating to see on the news that people are still gathering in groups (because they feel immune?). Here in Japan we are sort of waiting for a formal announcement about stricter social distancing....

  15. Always looking forward to your posts. Love the quilt, wonder about the row of rocks that cross that cross-road path.

  16. Your Buhl blocks are very pretty. It is so marvelous that quilters in different parts of the world are working together on this pretty antique quilt.
    It looks like you have enough free space to go for a walk. Beaches here are closed in the weekends because to many people want to take a walk on the beach. We try to make a stroll in our neighborhood every day.

  17. Your Bushong blocks look amazing!


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