Monday, March 2, 2020

You Must Prove Yourself Brave, Truthful and Unselfish~The Blue Fairy

I've got a bit of a collection of Pinocchio, the first being an old wooden marionette of my moms.

Back in 1995 our library had a call for little wallhangings of  books to decorate the children's reading area. Of course I turned to my favorite character. 
Our library is undergoing a bit of an update and they called me asking if I'd like my quilt back. Well, sure, why not? 
Considering I took my first quilt class in 1993, I'm pretty impressed with my skills only 2 years into quilting!! 
 Good advice by the Blue Fairy.

My sister, brother in law and 3 yo grandson were visiting this weekend and my sis and I scooted out for a short hike to get a good view of the sunset. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend- I cannot believe it is March already! I'm looking forward to changing the clocks next weekend!


  1. My dog is NOT looking forward to the time change, will have to wait an hour longer to go for the morning walk. Your Pinocchio is so cute.

  2. Your Pinocchio is so cute and well stitched, as are your borders. So nice to be hiking, Lori. Certainly a great Fat Tuesday outing.

  3. I love your Pinnochio! I am glad they returned the quilts with the new look. I will miss the quilts!

  4. You did a great job on Pinochio!
    What a gorgeous sunset!!
    Good life lessons in this fun old movie.

  5. I was going to offer you a Pinocchio pattern but I see you must have or had one of some sort. I like your little Pinocchio piece very much. I always have liked the children's story too.

  6. Your Pinocchio quilt is darling. It is good they gave it back but sad that it will no longer be displayed at the library.

  7. Your Pinocchio quilt is SEW CUTE! You did a beautiful job, Lori!

  8. It will be nice to add your Pinocchio into your collection.

  9. Sweet items, and WHAT a view - precious memories for your grandson!

  10. such a sweet collection and cute library quilt. Is it still hung there?


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