Friday, April 3, 2020

2020 Anniversary Quilt

If you have a section to show, please send me a photo and I'll add it to this post.
Here is my first block.

 The angel on top. 
The pieced top section.

Here is Dorothy's top so far! Wow! Looking super!!
The blue is sparkling!!
 Here is Maureen's block! Love that green!!
And her sweet angel!

If you are wondering what pattern this is, it is this one designed by Jan Patek in her book Together Again. She has made the pattern available on her website.
I am doing this one as my Humble Quilt 2020 quiltalong, but I know for many it is hard to stay focused these days. If you want to jump in, that's awesome! If you want to bow out for now, that's completely fine too. I plan on keeping moving forward with this quilt. 

My next plan is to make another center block and start getting some applique pieces ready for the border. 

My daughter and I agreed to postpone our mid May trip to Peru. Super disappointed, but it isn't canceled completely, just postponed to an unknown future date.  Even if Peru's borders are open in 5 weeks, I'm not willing to take a chance of getting sick and hospitalized in another country. 
Machu Picchu isn't going anywhere....

Love to you all


  1. I'm really loving yours. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  2. We had to cancel a mid-June cruise to Alaska as we had a final payment coming due and it's too iffy.
    This quilt is looking stunning!

  3. I think you made a wise decision in postponing your Peru trip. Disappointing, yes. Wise, yes. Your Anniversary quilt looks beautiful. Love the plaids!

  4. One of these days I hope to find time to make this quilt. I have always liked this prim style design. I look forward to seeing what others have done with their own fabric selections.

  5. I absolutely am loving this. I really enjoy your posts. So sorry your trip is postponed, but a good decision. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I love your blog.

  6. Sorry about your trip. You are a wise adventurer!

  7. Holey Moley--what beautiful blocks--both yours and Dorothy's...simply lovely work...
    Sorry you had to postpone your trip, but I agree it's for the best...for now anyway...
    this quilt is on my list for sure...thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  8. oopsey--no hugs, just ~ ~ ~ waving, right ;)))

  9. The blocks and tops are looking great. I’m glad you’re not travelling just now. You can’t take risks with your health.
    Keep well

  10. Really pretty anniversary quilt. Your appliques always look so perfect. Sorry you had to postpone the trip to Peru. Like you said, we have to be as safe as possible with this COVID-19 rampaging. Staying home sewing is a good thing, though. More time to sew some pillowcase dresses to send to you. Somehow the ones I was working on got misplaced in my move.

  11. Beautiful quilt centers from everyone. I love seeing how different each looks.

    Sad about Peru, but safe is best.

  12. I'm glad to hear you aren't traveling, even though I know it is disappointing.
    your quilt is looking great!

  13. Really fun. Love your fabrics.I can't take on another project right now but will cheer you all on from the sidelines. I'm determined to finish up some projects before starting a new one.

  14. Don't blame you for postponing your trip. These are very strange and uncertain days. Love seeing these great looking quilts! The variation in color is so intriguing.:)

  15. Love that block. Going to work on mine a bit later. Watching Alone right now

  16. You still have plenty of plaids and stripes in your stash from the looks of it. Me....not so much.

  17. Glad that you postponed your trip. We were supposed to drive to Texas for a wedding and graduation, but cancelled. Travel at this time just isn't safe.


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