Friday, August 7, 2020

The next step to the Buhl Bushong is the borders I've been working on for several months. 

The first step will be to trim them near the line I made above the flowers. I'll be adding the borders to the center section I shared on Wednesday, then appliqueing the corner flowers on. 

I mentioned I was going to go huckleberry picking... I forgot how tedious it is!
It isn't like farm grown berries. I wore shorts and got totally scratched up too!

Yummy! It was totally worth it!

Of course while in the mountains I took a short, steep hike...

With a giant view! (hopefully the short video is working!)

If not go here:

Mountain lily, which is getting harder to find. 

Stretched my legs a bit around Timothy Lake. 

Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Oh yum! Both the quilt and the berries!!

  2. Wow! To your quilt borders and to the beautiful view at the lake.

  3. The quilt, the views, and the berries - yum!

  4. Your quilt is great and those views are awesome. Oh, and I've never had huckleberries. Enjoy!

  5. Breathtaking ... both your quilt and the view from on top!

  6. What a great view!

    My first taste of huckleberries was when I visited my brother in Spokane, WA. Mmmm, they are tasty.

  7. I Love your applique blocks Lori. I had to google search huckleberries as we don't have them here in NZ (I don't think) but I see they are almost the same as blueberries. The views are breathtaking!

  8. Looks like your borders are (almost?) done. So much fun to follow the progress of the Buhls that are made on different continents.
    The berries do look delicious, worth the effort. Your hikes are so tempting,

  9. The video reminds me of the Jewel Basin area near Kalispell, Montana. The hucks look wonderful and I'm sure they taste even better

  10. Beautiful view! I could hear you breathing.

  11. The borders look like a whole lot of work, but what a beautiful finish they will be for the quilt.
    Knowing how much work it is to pick those berries, I am impressed with your quantity. And I know how scratched up you get when picking--badges of honor. :)
    Gorgeous view!


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