Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Wednesday Wonderings

Janny sent me a photo of her completed string quilt. She was inspired by THIS blog post and quilt that I started in a Gwen Marston class. So wonderful Janny! 
If my quilts have inspired you to make a quilt I'd love if you would share that! That really keeps me motivated to blog and quilt!

 Here's a little different string quilt from my friend Susan I love everything about this!! Here was her thought process:

I thought I would show you my first string quilt.
It is called Three.
Three because it is composed of three ideas that never happened.
The center was a log cabin idea I never went further with.
The strings have been in a drawer for 25 years, never used.
The squares were in a shoe box, used for one project but they multiply like bunnies in that box.  Not sure how that happens.
It is wonky because I just sewed, didn’t care if it was straight.
I started it as a clean up the quilt room during Covid project, use it or lose it.  I stubbornly decided that since the strings have been in my quilt room for 25 years I was going to use it!

It is as charming as ever, Susan! Thank you for sharing!!

If you want to make a string quilt and try out a class on Zoom, the Columbia River Quilters Guild is hosting my "String Quilts Your Way" workshop from 1PM-5PM on February 20th.(pacific time)  If you have not done a Zoom class and are hesitant or worried,  I'd be more that happy to meet with you ahead of time and help you feel more confident! Find the link HERE to sign up. 
We've got a cold weather snow advisory coming in! Looks like we may get snowed into our quilt retreat this weekend! I told the ladies last night we better bring warm imbibes!! LOL It likely won't improve our sewing!! 
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Hahaha, you must stock up on Hot Toddy and Irish coffee makings! How very fun to have a snowy retreat.. You know my string quilt inspired by your sewalong, the Blue Baskets.

    PS And pack your snowshoes or cross country skis?


    1. Thanks for the reminder. Will go pull my snowshoes out

    2. You guys! So fun! Wish I could be there.

    3. You would have fun with us. We have fun together. Low maintenance and low stress. Love my friends.

  2. OH I love it!!! Strings are the very best!

  3. Such beautiful string works!! Hope your getaway is super fun--hugs, Julierose

  4. Both are amazing! And happy snow day stitchery ❄️

  5. Thank you for sharing these 2 beautiful quilts !
    Snowy days here in France too ! Perfect time for sewing ! :)

  6. Fantastic job, Janny & Susan, and you too Lori for all the inspiration you give back. Have fun at retreat. Sounds like the perfect weekend for it and I see you've had great advice to bring your snow shoes!

  7. You can never go wrong with a string quilt in my opinion! Thanks for sharing these great quilts!

  8. Love both those string quilts, thanks for sharing Lori!


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