Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday Muse

 Happy Monday. Superbowl was a bit of a blow out and this year was the first we didn't have an all out party. I don't feel like I missed a thing. 

I got happy mail last week!

I want to make an effort to support some of my favorite small businesses this year. One of them is Two Thimble Quilt Shop owned by my friend Lee. I needed a gift and so last month I ordered a reproduction fabric roll, one for me and one for a friend. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same fabric in my stash. These are a good way to liven it up! Check out 1800's stash roll HERE

I also received my first month of the Fabric Sampler Club! This is the first time I've ever joined one of these programs. I cut off the picture but you can get more info HERE. (scroll down a little) I'm super happy with my first month! 

In our house the last one out of bed makes the bed. Hubby slept in yesterday  and later this is how I found the quilt. I had told him once when we were making the bed together that the grape block with signature is the center. It looks like he remembered that part but my baskets are going to the side! Not sure why the entire quilt had to be removed, but whatever. Good way to not put the wear on one side. LOL
Our weather was absolutely wonderful this weekend so Elsa and I got out for a lovely hike. 

Like my friend Julie does: Nurse note:

My niece has recently graduated from nursing school and was out at a local park when a 10 year old boy went into cardiac arrest. She was able to perform CPR on him until paramedics arrived. Momma helped by doing breaths. With he was safely in the ambulance she went on her way. I only found out when a local facebook group post was looking for the "angel" that saved her son! I was shocked to find out is was my niece! We chatted right away and asked her how she was feeling, mentally and physically. I know that can be traumatic. She said she was having dreams about him and was feeling better knowing he was okay. I'm calling her a true hero. She really feels like God called her to be at that time and place in order to help him. I made her tell me the entire story yesterday during superbowl! 
Such an amazing story!

On that not, I'll say have a wonderful day!
Much love


  1. First of all, I agree about the super bowl...snore. a blow out, for sure! I do love those repro fabrics, and isn't it fun to have something new in the stash? and wow!! I am so proud of your niece...she will never forget those feelings of fear and anguish and!! Please give her a big hug from this nurse and tell her how proud I am of her!!!

  2. How wonderful that your niece was where she was at the right time. I'll bet that was one thankful mother! What a delightful package in the mail. I love that Pam Buda print on the top. YUM! Too funny about your quilt sideways on the bed. We have the same rule in my house, but since I'm up at 4:00 he is almost always the one to make the bed (I usually have to remake it at night!).

  3. Said friend loves her 1800 roll. Thank God your niece was there at the right time. I need to do that hike sometime.

  4. I've sort of declared this to be reproduction year as I've been acquiring the fabric. These rolls look fun. I admire nurses so much. I was once on a tour when someone had a nasty fall. There were 6 nurses in our group and they all rushed in to help.

  5. Lori mi admiración a tu sobrina siento un gran respeto per el trabajo de enfermería.
    divino correo que recibiste.
    En España los hombres de mi generación aun piensan que hacer la cama es cosa de mujeres, afortunadamente esto ya cambio en los mas jóvenes, así en mi casa la cama siempre la hago yo

  6. So lovely to see your amazing quilt on the bed. Your niece is a hero! How wonderful that she was there when she was needed.

  7. Wonderful that your niece was there on the spot!!
    I love that fabric roll and ordered one to spruce up my stash which is low on those types of fabrics...thanks for the link...
    hugs, Julierose

  8. Lori - thanks so much for the recognition and support! I miss catching up IRL when our paths cross. Glad you are flexible about how the bed gets made - that's a big step, to know where the middle is!

  9. Thanks for the tip on 1800's fabrics - just ordered some from your friend!

  10. That is so funny about the bed. Hubby always gets up very early, so I usually make the bed. But on the occasional night that I have a bad one and never make it to bed, I get to see his handiwork in the bed making department. Makes me wonder if he has ever seen a well made bed before, but at least he tries. :0
    Wow--what a story about your niece. Kudos to her for being where God needed her, and doing what she was trained to do!
    Love those fabric bundles. Looks enticing!

  11. Glad to see you joined the monthly Sampler Club! Lee has such a wonderful eye for matching up fabrics! Your quilt is beautiful. I think it’s great you’re actually using it. It sounds like your niece found her calling, and to be in that particular place at that time is truly a miracle!

  12. Wow, that is a very cool story about your niece. What a way to start her career. In the right place at the right time and that family will never ever forget her! That is so cute about your quilt. We have the same custom here, but 99% of the time, I'm the last one out of bed in the morning, lol.

  13. Your husband did good Lori. We have a similar arrangement, but I have to remind mine not to be too forceful and pull the quilt...the hand quilted ones. :)) You must be very proud of your niece.

  14. Thank you for sharing your niece's amazing story! Love your blog!

  15. We are trying to figure out where that beautiful scenery shot was taken from! Some place in Eastern OR... not familiar with that view. Right now KITTY is on the bed, recovering from her FIX yesterday. ("was something wrong with me, Mom?") Do you know if there are good repro fabric stores in OR?

    1. I need your email address as you are a no-reply commenter. That was Lake Billy Chinook near Culver Oregon, very close to my house.
      And Grandmas Attic in Dallas Oregon and Sew Many Quilts in Bend are the only ones I know that carry repros. I'm sure there is more.

  16. Had to laugh because the same rule applies in our house -- Last one out makes the bed! Fortunately for me, I'm an early riser so, unless I decide to wash sheets, hubby makes the bed. Your quilt is lovely even if sideways. Love your new fabrics and glad you had a day to enjoy a hike.

  17. I love Lee And Two Thimbles. I get the monthly sampler subscription. It's been great building my repro stash. Also, she has tons of other fabs in the shop. She's online!


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