Friday, May 14, 2021

Fun on Friday! Always Fun on Friday!

 There are 73 adorable little quilts at the linky party HERE. We are waiting for 5 more to arrive or people to arrive home to find their little quilt. Thank you all for following the rules and doing such a great job!

LuAnn made this adorable quilt for Debra. 
This wonderful little quilt was made by Carolyn for Rose. 

I was really hoping to get my bird blocks all laid out with my compass center, but we have an employee on vacation this week so I've been the fill in. 
I have managed to have some fun though this past week.

Wednesday was my birthday and I was able to go on a hike and have a leisurely lunch with my son.

Over the weekend my sister and family came to visit. She brought her grandson and Elsa and he had a wonderful time together. 

The end of last week I was able to get together with girlfriends and hit the local trails.
It was a much needed day off with girlfriends! Mental health day for sure!

This was our view. 

We are getting ready for vacation. I'm not sure if I'll be posting next week or not. 

Be amazing! Be kind! 
Love ya!


  1. Looks like you had a great week and Happy Birthday! So nice that you celebrated with your son. Love seeing so many wonderful doll quilts. Hiking with your girlfriends is the best :) Enjoy your vacation!

  2. We all need those mental health days! Glad you got some quality time in this week.

  3. So many awesome small quilts! Fun to see them all! Maybe next year I will have time to participate.

  4. Happy Birthday Lori! So great that you could celebrate with your son. Have a great trip. Can’t wait to see your bird quilt come together :0)

  5. Happy Birthday, Lori!

    ❤ lizzy

  6. Happy belated birthday, Lori! Your son looks about as happy as mine does getting his picture taken! Ha! Looks like a wonderful hike and we all need to regroup with girlfriends every now & again. I'll be looking forward to your bird quilt progress at a later date. You are amazing! You are kind!

  7. wished my knee was up to hiking.........gorgeous view.......happy birthday.......

  8. Happy belated Birthday! Lunch with a son is wonderful way to celebrate.


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