Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Time For Some Borders

I sort of wish this quilt wasn't so large! Time to start working on some borders, since I said that was my "winter" project. March 20 is the last day of winter so I'll be cutting it close!

This is the green I'm using for the vines. 

Elsa knows how to soak up the sun even if it isn't super warm.

Some friends and I went on an almost full moon hike on a clear evening. Oh my gosh, it was wonderful! Here we are on a frozen lake.

We've had some lovely sunsets. 

 When I'm not out hiking, I'm taking classes about hiking and hiking safely!

I hope you are having an amazing week!


  1. Laughing at your self-imposed deadline on the quilt. I do the same thing and then panic as the end date nears. Hahaha! What a lovely hike in such a beautiful setting. That mountain in the background just looms so high. The cartoon on your screen cracked me up! Have fun learning all about bears!

  2. Absolutely love your bird quilt. A full moon hike looks amazing on a frozen lake. So cool! Beautiful sunset, too!

  3. It's an awesome quilt. Lots of work to do a border, but it will just bring it up another level.:)

  4. Oh yes - that wonderful quilt needs a border! I look forward to seeing it progress. I would have never considered a full moon hike - looks beautiful though.

  5. Beautiful quilt, beautiful time to walk on water, love thecartoon!


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