Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Final Fundraiser Book Sale

SORRY! The link to the books should be ready  now! 

You all are so awesome! I hope you completely enjoy the books you have purchased from me. Our mission trip is fully funded so I have 2 projects I'd like this fundraiser to go for. 

First off we will be doing a water well project for a village that either has no water, no clean water, or broken water. 

I love that we can make a difference! This was the village we provided a water well to in Peru.

It's a real celebration when we get to turn on the tap! Because this village had water they could also receive funds from the government for the school. (we helped build that too! With pallets!!)

The other charity is Faith Seeds Guatemala.  

I met Gaby briefly in Guatemala, then she was my translator for MSI and we worked together on subsequent mission trips. 

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, nutritional support & other services to the children of Guatemala.
. Please read more about her mission HERE. We chat regularly and they are in need of school supplies and uniforms, transportation, food, etc. 
So now that you know what I am fundraising for, here are the books! Thank you Margaret for the donation and Laurie, for telling her about my mission trip. 

I realized I have SO many books I made a link HERE! Please send an email to with your book(s) request and your mailing address so I can figure out shipping charges. I will mail the most economical way. 

I accept paypal and venmo- I do not invoice. Humblequilts@gmail,com

I also take cash and checks.

Lori DeJarnatt
PO BOX 616
Madras, OR 97741

I will remove the books as they sell.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. The link to the books isn't working. Uh oh!

  2. The link to the book list doesn't work. Your "HERE" doesn't have a link attached to it. :-) Dot

  3. HI Lori, There isnt a link to the books where it says "Here."

  4. Your efforts are so commendable, and doing the book sale is a lovely way to share and recycle. Do remember poverty and hunger exists even here in our country, if that is eevr an option for your kind generosity.

  5. I did this in Peru and it was such a blessing. We built wells, had a medical and eyeglass team, dental team, children's and evangelism. Such a blessing.


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