Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Little of This and That

This is one of my all time favorite Jo Morton poison green prints! A friend generously shared 1 yard with me! Best. Green. Ever!

Do you remember the turkeys? click  HERE and scroll to the bottom  for a refresher. 

Too darn cute! Thank you Laurie for the sweet turkey/VA quilt museum pin cushion! I love it!

So long November, you've been a good month this year. 



  1. I had some of that fabric, not sure if I still do. If some remains, it can't be much. I agree -- BEST.GREEN.EVER! Adorable pincushion and forever reminding you of your fun trip with your friend.

  2. i have some of that green also...i agree...a great jo morton print

  3. Love it! The turkey, the green and the finish as a pincushion!

  4. Love that poison green too, love civil war colors. Play in Jo Morton charm packs making 8 hst out of 6 diff lines of hers. have fun!

  5. That is such a wonderful green! I thinK I still have one in a drawer or basket somewhere. :)
    Very fun pincushion.

  6. That is a nice green. Another package on its way in the mail!!


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