Wednesday, June 7, 2023

My Little Swap Quilt

My little swap quilt has arrived and been seen by Trish. My quilt went all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina! 

It is simple and a little on the primitive side!

Love that print for the backing. 


This was the vintage quilt I was inspired by!

The last quilt to arrive went from Australia to Utah, back to Australia and then back to Utah! No fault of the sender! Post office error!! Aargh!

Jan Horn, as soon as you can get a photo of the quilt Susan sent you I'll post it and we can see ALL the quilts in one place!

Below are some new additions to my Etsy store.
All of these are from the line The Union Forever by Judie Rothermel and the New England Quilt Museum. Such awesome fabric!

This line is called Democracy by Sandy Gervais! An oldie for sure!

The link to my Etsy store is on the right column of my blog. 

I had a lovely breakfast with my daughter yesterday. We are down to 2 weeks until we leave for Peru!

I hope you have an awesome day!


  1. I saw the one that traveled far and wide before arriving in Utah. Argentina is as far as well. Cute, humble patchwork, inspired by the old quilt. I missed doing the swap this year.

  2. Sweet quilt, Lori. I remember that stamp fabric. I think we had it at the quilt shop where I used to work.

  3. Such a sweet quilt you made for her, Lori. When I get Marian's quilt posted, I will be so glad to have joined the link.
    I just sat down to write a post about the quilt I received. We'll see how many distractions delay me this time. Was going to do it last night until word came that hubby's cousin died. His wife is my best friend. You just never know.

  4. What a sweet little quilt and I love the pink. I haven't participated in a few years but I love seeing the doll quilts from your swap pop up on blogs!

  5. charming dolly quilt! great fabrics too!

  6. All's well that ends well Lori - we're all doing a happy dance now ❤❤


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